Written by: Karen Faulkner
Article source: www.worthynews.com

Two Assemblies of God US missionaries have reported that Muslims are coming to faith in Christ through dreams at levels not seen for over 1,000 years, CBN News reports. James Bradford, the lead pastor at Central Assembly in Springfield, Missouri and missionary Dick Brogden have shared multiple first-hand testimonies given by former Muslims of how Jesus met with them in dreams, and convinced them He is the Messiah.

“Dreams are contributing to revelation (as in assurance), the process of evangelism, and conversion,” Brogden said in an interview with Assemblies of God News. “So many Muslims reject Islam but know that to follow Jesus will cost them everything. Dreams of Jesus encourage them along the way and give them the comfort that Jesus will be with them — though it cost them everything to follow Him.”

In one account given by Brogden, a lady from Saudi Arabia shared she had been given a dream about the Lord but she had been afraid the devil was trying to trick her. “She prayed: ‘Jesus, if you are the real God, I want to see you,’” Brogden recounted. “Later, tending her sheep in the desert, she came across a pool of water. Bending down to drink she looked into the water and saw in the reflection a massive man standing behind her. He held a shepherd’s staff and He was smiling. She whipped around, but there was no one there. She looked again in the water, and there was this massive Shepherd,” Brogden continued.

“Still doubting, this Saudi woman asked the Lord for one more proof,” Brogden said. “Her mother was a cripple, bound to her chair, unable to walk. She prayed: ‘Jesus, if you are real and truly God, heal my mother and let her stand and walk!’ Immediately her mother stood up and began to walk around. The sister threw up her hands in surrender and shouted: ‘Jesus, I believe, I believe!’”

Concerning the rate at which Muslims are coming to faith in Christ through dreams, Brogden reflected during the interview: “I would even say it’s the normal experience. It would be accurate to say that Muslims are responding to Jesus in levels we have never seen, not in 1,400 years!”

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Date published: 03/03/2024
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