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Cassim Sande lost his legs when he was very young. He was born in Massangulo, the principal town in the N’Gauma District in north-western Mozambique, and was still living there when the accident occurred. One day, his parents left him near a charcoal fire and forgot him there. The little boy went too close to the flames and sustained burns on both legs. When his mother found him, she thought he was dead. His parents took him to the hospital, where doctors decided to amputate both legs.

In Mozambique, people with disabilities are often marginalised. According to a survey on disability and inclusion in Mozambique, published in January 2023 by the International Organization for Migration, disabled people face numerous challenges in daily life, mostly because there is little effort to accommodate their disabilities and grant them easy access to the things they need. Some of the most common problem areas are hygiene or sanitation facilities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and markets. It is not only difficult for disabled people to access these places, but also to move around within them. The IOM survey also revealed that most people with disabilities lack a regular income.

Cassim’s parents left him at a young age. As a result, he endured a lot of suffering growing up. “He is very talented and educated, but he had no hope until he heard Voice of Love, which broadcasts from Cuamba,” says FEBA Mozambique’s National Director, Bright Sonjera. Voice of Love is a popular program centred on overcoming hardship, that shares encouraging testimonies with its listeners. Cassim’s has become one such story. “He heard the program and is now born again. He shares his testimony with many people.”

Pray that Cassim’s story will help others to find their hope in Christ.

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Date published: 29/10/2023
Feature image: Cassimo and Bright Moz

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