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Pro-life champion, Peter Throp passed away Saturday morning 19th October ’19 having lived to see his dream – the closure of Cape Town’s biggest abortion clinic, Marie Stopes Bree Street. While most people his age were gardening and watching television, Peter was on the street defending innocent unborn babies.

He fought off three attempts by the City of Cape Town Municipality to stop him:

1. Mayor Patricia De Lille wrote an order demanding no pro-life protests within 50 meters of Marie Stopes Bree Street. While many others backed off, Peter stood firm. De Lille was forced to withdraw this, when it was admitted she had no legal right to make the order.

2. The City of Cape Town wrote Peter a letter demanding he not park his “Abortion is evil” branded car outside Marie Stopes Bree Street. The Mayor was forced to withdraw this after ACDP councillor Grant Haskin asked her to justify what regulation gave a right to demand this. 

3. The City of Cape Town brought criminal charges against Peter for placing ‘Value life’ stickers over illegal abortion advertising stickers on lamp posts to obscure the phone numbers. He was found guilty and given a sentence of a fine or 3 months imprisonment suspended for five years. This was overturned on appeal at the Cape High Court. It was absurd the Municipality prosecuted him for doing a public service of defacing illegal advertising, not their lamp posts.

Later Peter and his wife were asked to leave a restaurant for wearing pro-life slogan clothing, bringing calls by pro-life people to boycott the restaurant. To many peoples surprise, Peter opposed the boycott arguing the principle that the owner had a right who to allow in his business.

Peter was victorious in all three cases and in spearheading the campaign to close Marie Stopes abortion clinic Bree Street. His reward is in heaven.

Peter’s courage was an inspiration. Who will stand up to fill the space he left behind?

Tribute to Peter Throp who had the heart of a champion by Cheryllyn Dudley, ex ACDP MP:

“When you’re out there on the edge
And the odds you face are life and death
You’ve got to have the heart of a champion
When your time is running out
And everybody sees you’re going down
You’ve got to have the heart of a champion
When your back’s against the wall
And your rival thinks you’re gonna fall
You’ve got to have the heart of a champion
Standing in the winner’s circle has its price
And if I had to I would do it all again
And when the sun goes down
I won’t fear the night…” Carmen

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Date published: 21/10/2019

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