Written by: Dr Pearl Kupe
Article source: JOY! Magazine

There is a global move and push to normalise paedophilia and sexualise children.

Parents with children under the age of 18, in particular, must be on the alert as never before!

Paedophilia is a psychological disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children. It is nothing more than sexual deviancy and an aberration, in the same way as bestiality (sexual preference for animals) is.

Rebranding the aberrant behaviour
Minor-attracted person (MAP) is a new term that’s been created in an attempt to make sexual deviancy acceptable and part of a “social norm”. When people want to make criminal and aberrant behaviour normal, they change the definition of the term. For example, prostitution is now being changed to “Sex work” in an attempt to get society to accept promiscuity and selling of bodies in exchange for money as normal behaviour.

There is a global move and push to sexualise our precious children.

Supporting sexual deviancy
Advocates of MAP have defined the term as a “condition that means they are sexually attracted to minors (those below the age of consent)”. Proponents of MAP, would therefore, advocate for and support the sexual deviancy conditions set out below:

• Infantophilia – also known as nepiophilia – sexual attraction and preference for children less than 5 years old, including toddlers (12-36 months) and infants (0-12 months)
• Paedophilia – sexual attraction and preference to prepubescent children (under 12)
• Hebephilia – sexual attraction and preference to pubescent children/early adolescents (10-13)
• Ephebophilia – sexual attraction and preference to late adolescents (18-21)

There is a clear move to classify the above mentioned deviant behaviour as a normal type of sexual behaviour.

Promoting consent as morality
Nine years ago, I made a presentation in Kingston, Jamaica, at a conference about Human Rights, International Law and Family. At this conference, I drew the attention of the delegates to a group formed in 1978 called NAMBLA, North American Men and Boys Love Association, which advocates for sexual relationships between men and boys. It alleges that “consensual” sexual relationships between men and boys are not harmful and has been trying to get its foothold in the educational system to sell its aberrant policies and practices.

When people want to make criminal behaviour normal, they change the definition.

Normalising paedophilia
Parents should be alert to this global move and take a stand to protect children and reject the move to normalise and standardise paedophilia. The United Nations and their partners, Planned Parenthood, the abortion conglomerate, are complicit in this agenda with their proposed CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) plan. The UN”s attempt to introduce CSE in schools carries the sinister agenda of pushing children to become sexually active and promiscuous at an early age, and they are fiercely promoting this in South Africa.

Don’t sexualise your children
In taking a stand against this move, parents must also ensure that they themselves do not unconsciously encourage the early sexualisation of their children. Dressing up children to make them look like models and Barbie dolls and having them pose in a sexually provocative manner is setting children up to be targeted by paedophiles and encouraging children to be sexually conscious. Children should be dressed as children and not as sexually enticing adults. We applaud the recent efforts of Katherine Young, a graphic designer who recently took on Girls Life magazine by redesigning their cover to demonstrate how a young cover girl should look like.

Parents and society should follow suit by refusing the sexual exploitation of children by:
1. Speaking out against it and adopting a zero-tolerance for such;
2. Naming and shaming all advocates and supporters of paedophilia and child sexualisation
3. Lobbying for policy and legislative change and for paedophiles and promoters of paedophilia and associated behaviour to be charged and incarcerated.

It’s time to protect our children from those who would do them harm!
#KeNako #WeShallNotBeSilent

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Date published: 02/09/2020
DR Pearl Kupe is an attorney and an international consultant to world leaders and international organisations. She is the international president of the Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com or follow her Facebook page, Kingdom Transformer Pearl Kupe.

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  1. Good day,
    I am an evangelist to Christians after decades of being in Christianity until Father pulled me unwillingly out of it.

    This article breaks my heart, but are Christians not part of these problems? Who do they truly follow?

    Several points:
    1. Druidism
    most of you recognise this other than as some obscure pagan religion. Yet druidism brings with it communism, child sacrifice (think abortion), homosexuality and polyamorism – all that ails our society today. it governs our world and has done forever.
    Every military in the world uses oak leaf decorations and saluting. These too are druid customs.
    Druids run the world. They even separated the single Redemption Testament into two so that they could insert their pagan god as our saviour.
    WHAT if Christianity was just another sect of druidism?

    2. Constantine
    Along with Caesar, Constantine and many others had the title of ‘Christ’ in those days. His son was called ‘Jesus’.
    When Contantine set up his then pagan religion that he only adhered to upon his death bed, he chose a now 4,000 year old Druid god called IESU.

    3. Joshua Messiah
    You cannot translate the Hebrew name meaning ‘Salvation comes from Yah’ into Greek. At least two of the characters do not translate directly. You can, however, transliterate the Hebrew i.e. Yahusha or Yahshue depending on contex.
    Also you CAN translate it directly into English and that name becomes ‘Joshua’ (Check the Hebrew) – same as the name of the man who took over from Moses or the first name of Barabbas – the man that enacted with Messiah, the final metaphorical enactment of the Scapegoat ceremony under Pilot.
    That is why you cannot find records of a messiah’s name called Jesus outside of corrupted bibles such as the KJV and NIV etc!
    Joshua Messiah was a Jew, a Hebrew, who kept and taught Torah with the mandate to restore the Lost Tribes of Israel through obedience to Torah. Christianity teaches replacement theology!

    4. Father
    Father tells us in His Word that He alone is the Redeemer, Saviour and Rock. Yet billions of Christians will tell you that about EISU (or Jesus these days) from within their pagan religion we call Christianity today. Furthermore He tells us that the titles of God (Gad, Gadrieel etc) and Lord belong to Satan. So who, in terms of prophetic actions are you calling on and whose ceremonies do you follow when you ignore Father’s feast days but keep druid feast days such as Christmas, Lent and Easter?
    Father has His Living Word (John 1:14) – the Living Torah – PLUS SEVEN spirits – an enead. Trinity is a druid concept once again! So who are you worshiping?

    5. Torah
    Torah is more than just the first 5 books of the so called OT. It contains a complete description of the NT. Joshua Messiah is the living Torah that so many Christiars tell us they follow but don’t! They do not do as He kept and taught!
    NOW consider that Messiah, Himself tells us that when He returns to set up His Millennial Kingdom, He will sanctify the earth. This means getting rid of all sin. In 1John 3:4 we learn that the definition of sin is not keeping Torah:
    4 ‘Everyone practicing sin also practices lawlessness, and sin is the breaking of the Torah’
    Here is what Messiah says in Mathew 5:
    18 ‘Truly I say to you, Until the heaven and the earth pass away, in no way shall one yod or one stroke pass away from the Torah until all comes to pass’
    Here is what Paul says in Romans 3:
    31 ‘Do we then nullify the Torah by faith? Far be it. On the contrary, we establish the Torah!
    ALL these verses are in the so called NT!
    Here is what Father, who never changes, says in Proverbs 28:
    9 Whoever turns aside his ear from hearing the Torah, even his prayer is an abomination

    Getting the pattern now?

    Just one more thing.
    When Joshua returns, He will sanctify the earth ie to restore it back to the way that the Garden was. That means He has to rid the earth of sin. Therefore sinners – the lawless have to be destroyed. Thus all Christians will be destroyed at that time too because they are lawless according to 1John 3:4.
    It is frightening to learn that the so called NT tells us many times to keep Torah but false church teachings are there to deceive! Also, few know what happened at Sinai and so think Torah has been abolished along with the temporary law that was until John the Immerser. THAT is a teaching on its own and needs to be given sometime BEFORE He returns so some believers still have a chance.

    There is far more to teach about what the actual bible states compared with false church teachings!

    For example, not one of you can show me a major NT teaching that is NOT addressed to Torah adherents. NONE of you can show me even one covenant that is for Christians who do not keep Torah!
    Simply put a properly translated bible does not apply to Christians no matter how you twist it!

    Thus, all in all, if you keep Christianity, you keep druidism that is responsible for all these diabolical atrocities with far worse to happen soon.
    You are therefore also partially responsible for them!
    Think about it!

  2. This is wolverine here,

    I will not condone this and will not except this …
    These people are pathetic and should be allowed in society.
    They can’t allow this. If they do then these freaks will get away with it … and nothing will happen to them … so we cant let them pass this

  3. The end times are very clear in Revelation, and this abomination is part of the warnings that God gave to John in the visions. We as God-fearing Christians need to stand up against the evilness that’s invading every walk of life. It doesn’t help to pontificate on the written warnings – get into the Word and live it!!


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