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Pastor Jeremy Foster says Satan is attacking believers right now amid COVID-19, and it’s especially important now to prepare ourselves to fight our fears. One way to do that is by praying and fasting, and watching what entertainment we’re allowing to influence us.

“You have to realize that you have an enemy,” Foster says. “If Satan can’t take you out, he wants to wear you out. Some of us aren’t even going to work right now, and we’re more tired than we’ve ever been. Why is that? Because this is a 12-round spiritual fight, and you’re in a battle right now. You have to learn how to trust and rely on God….

“Many of us are realizing that right now, with the COVID-19 crisis, we’re moving more toward fear than we are toward faith. Why? Because before this whole thing happened, I was so distracted that I was far from God and too close to the world. What I’m watching, what I’m reading, what I’m listening to and the content of my conversation—I’m so connected to the world. … I think it’s so important we have a healthy dose of prayer and fasting.”

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Date published: 24/05/2020
Feature image: Pastor Jeremy Foster baggage on the battlefield

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