Written by: Eva Pretorius, FEBA  
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“My eyes were suddenly full of tears. One thing became very clear to me at that moment: What I heard was the truth. I now know that love and peace come from the almighty God who created us. My whole life was transformed when I became a Christian. Before I answered God’s call, I was lonely and desperate for change. Now my life is full of joy, hope, and peace.”

Gantulga, a taxi driver from Mongolia, shared this testimony with us after listening to Lifebelt, one of the programmes that FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company) broadcasts.

One of the most sparsely populated countries
Mongolia has a population of 3.2 million people and is known as one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. This country is also known for its domestic violence and fatherless households. Thanks to FEBC Mongolia’s evangelistic radio broadcasts, the Christian population of only 20 people in the 1980s, has increased to the current population of approximately 100 000 people.

FEBC ensures that converts have access to the Bible
FEBC Mongolia’s diverse radio and media ministry plays a vital role in the spiritual growth of new converts. In areas where there is poor reception and slow internet, SD cards with Bible programmes are distributed to listeners. In this way, FEBC ensures that people always have access to the Word of God.

A father and his daughter, listeners from FEBC Mongolia

From unbeliever to Bible college student
Gantulga was initially an unbeliever when he started listening to FEBC’s programmes. Fearing he would offend his customers and lose them, he constantly changed the station as soon as they got in his taxi. Eventually, one of his friends convinced him to attend a church service. Coincidentally, this particular church was located right behind FEBC’s radio station. After listening to FEBC’s programmes for a while, Gantulga could understand the sermons better. Three years later, he decided to join the Union Bible Theological College in Mongolia.

Faith in Christ restored
He experienced many challenges while studying, especially in his family life. His wife, who always went to church with him, suddenly did not want to go anymore. However, in the midst of those challenges, it was also the beginning of God’s ongoing miracles in their lives. At that time, Gantulga’s wife began to listen to FEBC’s programmes at home and her faith in Christ was restored.

Gantulga, the taxi driver from Mongolia (right), with a staff member of FEBC Mongolia

One of thousands of testimonies worldwide
Gantulga hopes the rest of his family will also be saved by his testimony about the impact of FEBC’s programmes in his life. This is just one of thousands of powerful, life-changing testimonies that we receive from our listeners worldwide.

Special assistance for FEBC’s male listeners
The effective and unique way FEBC serves their listeners produces good results and accelerates spiritual growth. Due to the intense pressure that men in Mongolia experience to meet their families’ needs, domestic violence is a serious issue in this country. Many of Mongolia’s male listeners are forced to go abroad to find work. Ever since November 2018, FEBC Mongolia’s Nalaikh station holds a monthly men’s gathering. They can also receive counselling during these meetings. Four of FEBC’s staff members, three of whom are trained pastors, are responsible for the counselling. FEBC also organises training sessions for men who listen to their programmes.

Partner with us and reach the world with the Good News of Jesus
We hope you have been touched by this testimony and many others like this. Your contribution and prayers have the potential to reach thousands of unreached people with the Good News of Jesus through FEBA and FEBC’s media ministry. For more information about our ministry, or to partner with our ministry, please visit our website: febaradio.co.za

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Date published: 18/10/2019
Feature image: Mongolia is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries

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