Written by: ICC (International Christian Concern)
Article source: www.persecution.org

October 28, Father Arinze Madu, was abducted by gunmen while leaving the Queen of Apostles Seminary where he is the vice rector. The abduction of Father Madu is just one of many that have taken place across Nigeria involving clergy. These types of abductions often target the teachers as they have congregations who can help raise money for ransoms. Thankfully, it appears that Father Madu’s family and church were able to raise the funds to ransom back the priest as he was released just two days later.

Though Father Madu was freed without harm, not all of the clergy who have been taken are this lucky. Over the past year, several other pastors and priests have also been taken in Enugu State. Father Paul Offu was shot just two months prior to this abduction, and did not survive. Father Clement Ugwu was also abducted and killed earlier in March of this year.

The trend has also been increasing across Nigeria, not just in Enugu. Though these attacks have an element of criminality to them, they are persecution, as these individuals are more likely to be Christian when targeted. Most of the time, ransom demands are met, and the abductee is released, however, there are also cases when they do not survive. So far, the Nigerian government has failed to stop or even slow down the occurrences of these attacks. This has allowed the kidnapping of Christian leaders to become a sort of business in Nigeria. It will not stop until the government decides to punish those committing these crimes and protect those who are targeted. Please pray for the Christian leaders in Nigeria who have suffered or are likely to suffer these types of attacks. 

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Date published: 06/11/2019

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