Written by: Ann Kioko
Article source: Supplied

As the infamous inquiry against Dr. Jacques De Vos draws near, a number of CitizenGO volunteers delivered over 19,000 signatures to the South African High Commission in Nairobi. 

Received by the High Commissioner Thembela Ngculu and two others, we explained the plight of Dr. Jacques De Vos and why this doctor needed not only his career but his life back.

Printed 19,000 signatures that were handed in to Mr. Thembela Ngculu of South African High Commission.

The CitizenGO volunteers also said prayers for Dr. Jacques De Vos outside the South African Embassy

Leaving the embassy after delivering the over 19,000 thousand signatures to the commissioners who gave us audience for about 20 minutes discussing the plight of Dr. De Vos and how they could help. Normally I could take photos while delivering the signatures to the commissioner but they were strict and never allowed photos inside the embassy. 

We keep praying for Dr. Jacques De Vos, please remember his inquiry is coming up on 3rd and 4th of October in Cape Town, South Africa.

Here is the petition which you can still sign and share:- Stop persecuting Dr. Jacques De Vos for his pro-life beliefs

Thank you for being there for Dr. Jacques De Vos, we will follow up the inquiry closely and keep informing you especially on how you can help him. 

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Date published: 28/09/2019
Feature image: Volunteers of CitizenGO in Nairobi accompanied me in supporting the South African pro-life doctor outside the South African High Comission

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