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At the peak of the lockdown in South Africa in 2020, Living Hope was overjoyed to become a sub-recipient of a fund that had been secured by Connect as a primary recipient. The much-needed fund helped Living Hope to feed children daily, from June through to November.

Living Hope had the opportunity to provide hope to the community of Ocean View, where they were able to run two Sandwich Clubs in the afternoons. Between the two clubs they were able to feed an average of 115 children every day.

At these Sandwich Clubs, the team taught children about the importance of wearing masks, hand sanitizing and social distancing. The Living Hope Life Skill Educators (children’s workers) even taught the children a song about the COVID protocols.

The need for this type of supplementary feeding programme and educational interventions highlighted the plight of the pandemic, and in particular the impact on vulnerable children, many of whom were left even more vulnerable than prior to COVID.

The hope in this story was the blessing of this funding from Connect Network and how it reached different kinds of children, from diverse backgrounds. In a world that sometimes discriminates and excludes groups of people based on their colour, background, status or affiliation, it was particularly special to see children from different religions come along and receive a sandwich and fruit every day, while the Sandwich Clubs were running.

It was a blessing to see how comfortable and safe the children felt to come and participate. It was also a blessing to see how welcoming the staff and other children were towards them. Although Connect is a network of Christian organizations and Living Hope is a Christian organization, both of these organizations reach out to those outside of the Christian faith. Just like Jesus taught in His parables and from the other many examples in the Bible, Christianity does not discriminate or exclude. And in this case, the Living Hope team was able to be that hope and not exclude any child irrespective of religion, race or creed.

The Sandwich clubs revealed the unity of struggling together during tough times and how people all need care and support. Additionally, the fund helped the Living Hope team access children who would not normally attend their after school programmes. That allowed them to be a source of hope to every child who benefited during that difficult time.

If you would like to help Living Hope, they can be contacted on telephone number 021 784 2800 or by visiting their website for more information: www.livinghope.co.za

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Date published: 06/04/2021
Feature image: Living Hope. www.facebook.com

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