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Mdzananda Animal Clinic is thrilled to announce the opening of the “Tots with Tails” creche in Khayelitsha, a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the lives of puppies and kittens in need of temporary shelter while awaiting their forever homes.

Thanks to the generous support of Dogs Trust International, this facility has been built and is now ready to serve as a safe haven for our youngest residents. The space boasts a dedicated area for socialisation and exercise, as well as a cosy meet-and-greet zone for potential adopters. By housing our young animals separately from older ones and strategically distancing them from the main hospital, we can significantly reduce their risk of exposure to potential diseases and viruses.

Kelly Arendse, Fundraiser at Mdzananda Animal Clinic says, “We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dogs Trust International for their invaluable contribution to building and equipping this creche. This new addition to our clinic will make a profound impact on the lives of the puppies and kittens we care for. Equipped with amenities for eating, sleeping, socialising, and playing, this space provides a nurturing environment for these vulnerable animals to thrive and ultimately find loving forever homes.”

The “Tots with Tails” creche underscores Mdzananda Animal Clinic’s commitment to providing compassionate care to all animals in need. Through collaborative efforts with organisations like Dogs Trust International, we can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of countless animals and the communities we serve.

To sponsor a puppy or kitten at the “Tots with Tails” creche, members of the public can make a once off donation of R450 to care for one pet for a month, or set up a monthly debit order at www.mdzanandasecure.co.za to sponsor a pet each month. Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, Account number: 075595710, Branch Code: 025009, Savings account, Reference: Tots + Your Name.

For more information about Mdzananda Animal Clinic and their initiatives, visit www.mdzananda.co.za or contact info@mdzananda.co.za.

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Date published: 01/06/2024
Feature image: Sinazo Vellem (left) & Siya Mdlangu (right)

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