Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

President Cyril Ramaphosa and his ANC government added another weapon of mass destruction to its arsenal against Biblical values, traditional marriage, the family, parental rights and religious free speech when he signed the Hate Crimes Bill into law on 9 May.

The “Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Act” will be used to silence citizens who oppose the ANC regime’s extreme ideological agenda. Speaking out against the state’s assault on marriage, the family, the sexualization of children, parental authority and religious free speech can potentially get you prosecuted for a hate crime.

Presumably, Ramaphosa signed the Hate Crimes Bill prior to the General Elections on 29 May under pressure from UN agencies – just in case the ANC loses its majority. The Bible-believing Church and Christians in general will be targeted with malicious hate speech litigation by sexual-rights activists – for simply stating the Bible’s view on human sexuality.

And while Ramaphosa ramps up his assault on faith, family and freedom, he has the audacity to seek the support of the Church for an ANC victory at the polls on 29 May.

Ramaphosa recently told a Church in Gugulethu in Cape Town, “the church is still with us. We feel it, we see it, we sense it, and we are grateful. Over the years, the church has never abandoned the ANC. It’s been part of the ANC; it’s been inside the ANC, around the ANC, and underneath the ANC, supporting it all the time,” he added.

However, it is the ANC regime that abandoned and marginalised the Church. Who can forget the sham “consultation” the DBE hosted with religious leaders on “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” in January 2020 where UNESCO trained activists attacked and mocked concerned Christian leaders for their “ignorance,” “hypocrisy,” and “sexual abuse.”

The ANC formulated the gender-neutral “Single Marriage Bill” that strips men and women of the legal definition of marriage to equate it with same-sex and transgender unions. The ancient God-given institution of marriage will be redefined in law to appease LGBTQ radicals. Religious marriage officers will be compelled to solemnise same-sex unions.

The ANC regime amended the “Basic Education Laws” (BELA Bill) to extend state control of education by granting corrupt education officials unwarranted authority to determine the language, admission and sex-education policies in schools – to indoctrinate children.

Family Policy Institute

The ANC amended the “Sexual Offences Bill” to decriminalise the entire sex industry in SA to make pimps and brothel owners legitimate business people. It ignored the SA Law Reform Commission’s warnings that legalised prostitution will be disastrous for vulnerable women because of high rates of poverty, unemployment and sexual abuse in SA.

These policies and rampant ANC corruption, theft, fraud, money laundering and racketeering indicate the governing party is no friend of the Bible-believing Church. The ANC partners with the “church” only when it can manipulate it for its own nefarious ends.

Ramaphosa and his corrupt administration is ramping up its assault on faith, family and freedom even as we observe the annual “International Day of Families” on 15 May. The ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ declares, “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the state.”  

Despite the SA government being a signatory to this UN document – and thus, obligated to protect and preserve the natural family – it has aligned itself with radical groups seeking the destruction of the family unit. The results of ANC anti-family policies are catastrophic.

After three decades of ANC misrule, the family is devastated and children are the most effected. Teen-pregnancies and teen-abortions have skyrocketed! Children often die of hunger in ANC governed South Africa. Less than 35 percent of children live with both biological parents while fatherless homes have exploded social welfare budgets.

UCT’s Children Institute reports more than 8 million children suffer from severe malnutrition in SA while ANC cadres loot billions from state coffers. Sexual abuse and violence against women and children escalate alarmingly – while the ANC legitimises the sex-slave trade.

The majority of young people – many from broken and dysfunctional homes – are unemployed or unemployable. The ANC has dumbed down education and replaced it with sexual indoctrination. The future for the family looks bleak indeed under ANC misrule. As a result of family breakdown almost half the population is 100% dependent on state welfare.

The protective boundaries the Creator established in the family – for the protection of women and children – are being dismantled by a corrupt regime driven by a bankrupt ideology. The ANC regime is now reaping the bitter harvest of its own godless scheming.

Consequently, any Church aligned with the ANC to support its victory at the polls cannot claim to be aligned with the head of the Church – the Lord Jesus Christ. For what harmony has Christ with Belial or what fellowship has light with darkness or good with evil?

Ramaphosa and his regime’s satanic war on the family is a clear indication of their allegiance. And it’s not the God of the Bible. You and I must proclaim our allegiance today!

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Date published: 14/05/2024
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