Written by: James Lasher
Article source: www.charismanews.com

A lifelike model of Jesus using latex, silicon and real human hair has been put on display in Salamanca Cathedral, Spain.

This realistic model was designed using the famous “Shroud of Turin.”

The shroud is believed by some to have been the burial cloth of Jesus. It holds within it an image of the man over whom it was placed. Technologically advanced scans of the shroud are able to help reconstruct a face from the image on the cloth.

Skepticism remains about the authenticity of the shroud that has baffled researchers for centuries. The creators of the model stress they wanted to create a model of how Jesus may have looked, not claiming this is definitively how He did appear.

To date, the Catholic Church has neither endorsed or rejected the shroud, and scientists are still working to unravel the mysteries within it.

The sculpture was designed to be as authentic and lifelike as the creators could make it. The model measure at 5’10” and weighs 165.3 pounds. Included on the model are all of the wounds Jesus would have suffered from His being whipped, the crown of thorns, His side punctured from a spear and His crucifixion.

The realistic statue is scheduled to be on display in Spain until December. After that, it will embark on a tour of the world. This will allow people of all faiths and backgrounds to view what the Messiah could have looked like.

“This exhibition is a journey through the art, archeology and science on the Holy Shroud that are shown for the first time together in this unique exhibition,” said the organizers of the exhibit. “The main piece of the exhibition is a hyper-realistic and volumetric representation of the man in the Shroud, which was unveiled for the first time during the opening press conference.”

The Bishop of Salamanca, Jose Luis Retana, said, “This morning in this cathedral we are going to be the protagonists of what seems to be a worldwide success.”

The archbishop also believes that this model can represent “the concretion of God’s love that becomes flesh in Jesus Christ who dies like a malefactor with a terrible sacrifice for our salvation. There is no greater love in the world.”

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Date published: 13/11/2022
Feature image: (Adrian Zdunczyk Twitter Page via mysterman.com)

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