In South Africa, twenty five years ago a solution to the problems Christians face today – regarding diminishing freedom of religion and diminishing freedom to make choices regarding the education of their children – came into being. It was an idea that was before its time but has produced a twenty five year old political party with a solid track record and unwavering commitment to Christian values and biblical principles.

The only thing preventing the ACDP from being a bigger party is – a decision by the broader Christian community to vote for them. Your vote will not be a wasted vote as a vote for a smaller party makes it A BIGGER PARTY – one which holds their values and their principles.

The ACDP is the only political party in Parliament actively committed to sound biblical principles, Christian values and the protection of freedom of religion or belief. 

It has managed to gain consensus across a very divided National Assembly on occasions such as: the passing of their legislation providing for paternity and adoption leave; effecting amendments to protect freedom of belief and parental rights; the implementation of their proposal that Parliamentary oversight be resourced and mandated to prioritize inquiries into all accusations of state capture and corruption; their successful intervention when relations between the EFF and the Speaker were deteriorating and their involvement in the peaceful transition of power from one head of state to another. 

By voting ACDP and encouraging others to do the same they are committing to the ideal of a leadership of integrity that serves the people of South Africa and not themselves. Together we can inspire people with a vision for justice for all, a shared future and a culture of peace and prosperity in which human life and human rights are respected, valued and protected.

Date published: 13/03/2019
Written by: Cheryllyn Dudley
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