Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the controversial National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill into law on 15 May. Several business and medical groups, civil-rights organisations, trade unions and political parties will immediately challenge the constitutionality of the NHI Bill in court because it denies citizens the freedom to choose medical practitioners and services.

Ramaphosa demonised legitimate criticism of the Bill claiming, “This is what often happens. The haves don’t want the have-nots to benefit from what they have been having. We are saying, through NHI, all of our people must have equality, there must be equality.” Ramaphosa added that the NHI was “driving fear into the hearts of some white people.”

It’s an Election year. So Ramaphosa shamelessly trots out the “white people” bogeyman to divert attention from his epic failures. However, two decades of irrefutable evidence prove it is the ANC, and the ANC only that degraded SA’s public healthcare sector as a result of cadre-deployment, rampant corruption, gross mismanagement, tender-fraud and theft.

Cyril “New Dawn” Ramaphosa is fully aware his government is incapable of implementing and administering the unaffordable NHI scheme. Analysts estimate it will take 10 years to implement as a result of its complexity and funding requirements. But SA’s massive national debt and crumbling infrastructure – ensures the NHI remains a pipe dream.

Signing the NHI Bill into law was nothing but a cheap and cynical election stunt. Promising millions of poor people free, decent healthcare, which the ANC regime is incapable of providing, reveals the dispicable depths Ramaphosa and his ilk will sink – to cling to power.

However, despite staggering ANC failures and the theft of hundreds of billions of tax-payer rands, President Ramaphosa wants the nation to believe the NHI scheme will be managed efficiently and honestly – despite the fact, everything the ANC has touched now lies in ruin.

The ANC government will have to raise an estimated R250 billion to fund the NHI scheme. This will necessitate unprecedented personal tax increases for already overburdened taxpayers. The impact of the NHI on South Africa’s fragile economy will be devastating.

Medical aid schemes will be phased out. The right to choose will be revoked. The state will assign healthcare practitioners close to the homes of citizens registered with the NHI. The state will determine the rate healthcare professionals are paid in the NHI scheme, which will likely trigger a mass exodus of world-class health professionals from South Africa.

The governing ANC has transformed post-apartheid South Africa – a fledgling democracy with boundless potential – into a mafia state within just 30 years. Gross maladministration by inept ANC appointees directly contributed to the destruction of once world-class public institutions and wrecked a robust economy – fuelling unemployment, poverty and misery.

Family Policy Institute

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ramaphosa allocated R500 billion to combat the crisis. ANC officials immediately sprang into action siphoning off billions of tax-payer money through tender fraud – that reached right into Ramaphosa’s office! The money allocated for personal protection equipment was looted by ANC cadres while thousands died in SA.

Former Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize was implicated in tender fraud and forced to resign during the country’s worst health crisis. ANC cadres stole more than R1 billion through a tender-fraud scheme in which they grossly overcharged Tembisa Hospital for supplies. A health dept financial manager was assassinated for alerting her boss to these crimes.

The tax-payer money looted through the Tembisa Hospital tender-fraud scheme was spent on designer clothes, mansions and exotic cars. The money was never recovered. The health official that ordered the hit on the mother and grandmother was never identified.

Government will have to create a massive and complex bureaucracy to administer the NHI scheme. But the ANC have overwhelmingly proven it cannot manage complex systems.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a case in point. This scheme was allocated R48 billion to fund the studies of qualifying students. However, Its board was recently dissolved and is under investigation for corruption and failure to fulfil its mandate.

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) was also investigated for corruption and fraud totalling hundreds of millions of rands. Both the NSFAS and RAF leadership were appointed by the ANC regime. When these schemes collapsed, not one ANC official was held responsible despite losses totalling several billion rand to the overburdened South African tax-payer.

The National Assembly passed the BELA Bill on 16 May despite overwhelming public opposition. The “General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill” (GILAD) or “Spy Bill” was also rushed through the NCOP for Ramaphosa’s signature. He is expected to sign these Bills into law. Several civil-rights groups and political parties threatened to challenge it in court.

The ANC’s haste to enact the Hate Crimes, NHI, BELA, and GILAD Bills before the 29 May Elections – reveal their desperation and slavish submission to UN agency bosses.

In addition, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Global Pandemic Treaty” is being finalised and expected to be ratified by various nations at the end of May. President Ramaphosa fully endorsed the Treaty despite warnings it threatens national sovereignty.

The UK indicated they will not sign the Treaty and several US Senators sent a letter to President Joe Biden demanding he not sign away US sovereignty over healthcare policy.

The Treaty grants the WHO control of the healthcare policies of sovereign nations during global health emergencies. They define what a “health emergency” is, control citizen movements, enforce quarantine policy and create surveillance to monitor private citizens.

When one considers the potential impact of the NHI on SA’s economy, decaying healthcare system, and the threat of the WHO Pandemic Treaty – the future under an increasingly authoritarian ANC regime looks grim indeed. Change must therefore come on 29 May!

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Date published: 21/05/2024
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