Economist, author and public speaker Dr Arno van Niekerk has launched an innovative campaign to give South African Christians an opportunity to speak with a united voice about what they want for the country.

In an initiative which he says was inspired by God “out of the blue”, he asked about 200 Christian leaders around SA to list 10 principles/focus points that would be their highest priority if a Christian government took office.

“The correlation was great. Most of the leaders identified the very same values,” he said.

Now he has launched a social media campaign in which SA Christians are asked to respond with a YES if they agree with the leaders’ 10 points of consensus which are listed below.

We invite you to respond by commenting on this article with a YES if you agree with the 10 points. To comment, scroll down at the end of the story and type your response in the comments area. The closing date for responding is Sunday February 10. You can also send “YES” to 082 608 5711 via SMS or WhatsApp.

Please also help to give Christians a voice now, ahead of the elections, by sharing this article with as many other believers as possible.

“Your response is needed to unify the Christian voice in SA. We are the ONLY group with enough numbers to change SA this very year,” says Van Niekerk.

“Let’s get millions participating,” he says.

The response of SA Christians will be taken to political leaders, he says.

But, for now, the priority is “for the voice of the people to be heard”.

“Let’s get millions participating. This is only the beginning.”

Please read the list below, and comment YES if you agree. And please share the article. 

Christian Consensus in SA:
1. Zero tolerance for crime

(no corruption, no rape and no discrimination; end all murders; severe & fair legal action)

2. Government fully accountable to the people
(proper service delivery; clean, transparent & inclusive governance; effective system)

3. Peace, not war
(healing the nation (love); true reconciliation & restitution; ethical nation-building; taking care of the vulnerable; protect cultural identities)

4. Leadership that honours God
(servant leaders unashamed of faith; skilled, integrity, humility & inspired vision; self-disciplined)

5. Laws that glorify God
(laws that don’t contradict the Bible; Constitution that pays due respect to Almighty God; judicial independence; strong police, army & immigration control)

6. Biblical family values
(husband, wife & children; staying faithful; sexual purity; centrality & unity of households in society) 

7. Sanctity of life
(respect all forms of life; no abortion; quality medical care)

8. Inclusive & productive economy
(job creation; ending poverty & inequality; resource stewardship & agriculture a major priority to all; support entrepreneurship; eco-friendly and -efficiency; reduced debt levels)

9. High-quality education to all
(parent control, good discipline & learning environments; basic skills; uproot liberal agenda; empower & create opportunities for the youth; become tech wise)

10. Religious freedom & no communism
(religious rights & private ownership; church’s voice to be heard more; freedom of speech).

Date published: 04/02/2019
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  1. This is brilliant! I say a resounding yes to all the 10 points. That would put us as a Nation in what could be described as heaven on earth.
    Bring it on.

  2. Yes but a comment on zero tolerance to crime. Not practical. Nobody is perfect. Jails are too small police force too small Magistrates could not cope. Middle ground would be to expand and teach the police force to up their game 40% improvement would do wonders.

  3. Yes! I back these 10 points100%.
    SA Back To GOD is key. Let love be the rule within our hearts. Lord have mercy on this nation. Forgive us for going our own wayward ways, in Jesus name, Amen!

  4. Yes, I agree with the 10 points. However, the deadline date for this comment is 2nd February 2019 which is past and before I received this email inviting me to respond??

  5. YES – Some points would be virtually impossible to achieve, but better to miss a high goal than hit a low one

  6. Absolutely YES……and I think the deadline should be extended for as long as possible to get as many people as possible to be able to respond…..

  7. yes and as an individual each should pray with prayer and supplication interceding for our nation..and Our Lord will do the impossible.

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