Written by: Liz Wrigh
Article source: www.charismanews.com

In a recent, powerful interview with Liz Wright on the Charisma Podcast Network, Shawn Bolz shared that “The church is called to tell people what God is doing.”

In this episode, Liz invited Shawn to frame up how we should be internally positioned during the current circumstances with the coronavirus. Shawn believes that whenever fear comes to us, our response should be, “OK, my emotions are ‘this,’ my mind and intellect are ‘this’—what is the Spirit saying?”

Shawn reminded us that when God speaks, it always ties us back to His goodness. He believes we can discern when prophecies are from God if they don’t incite fear. Shawn explains that it’s not wrong to be harassed by fear, “but if I entertain it and I don’t rebuild that place in my heart and I’m waiting for something else to magically rescue me, that’s when you come into a victim mentality and you won’t enter into true faith because you’ll stay in a place of trauma.” He encourages us if we do fear, that “the same place that anxiety sits in you is the same place He wants to build faith inside of you.”

Shawn believes that “when we bounce out of this, there’s going to be a move of compassion and a move of love.” Because of COVID-19, many are going to awaken in compassion, realizing there are people who live in crisis every single day. In this hour, the church is being mobilized in a unique way, learning how to virtually reach people for true connection.

Be encouraged that “a river of life that’s in Jesus inside of you,” as Shawn prophesied, “is going to break forth into your life and He’s going to bring a miraculous deliverance, that even the things that the enemy meant to use against you will turn into the things that serve you and cause you to prosper.”

Listen to my interview with Shawn Bolz to learn more.

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Date published: 12/05/2020
Feature image: Shawn Bolz

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