Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

Family Policy Institute (FPI) resumed operations a week earlier (3 January) as a result of the pressing issues we face this year.  I sent an urgent email to the Department of Justice (DoJ) last week requesting they extend the 31 January deadline for public comment to 31 March 2023 on the draft “Criminal Matters (Sexual Offences & Related Matters) Amendment Bill 2022.”

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a blessed, healthy and purposeful New Year. Thank you for standing for truth. Your prayers and actions makes the difference in 2023.

While waiting on the DoJ response, I am consulting with Christian attorneys for a possible High Court challenge to compel the DoJ to extend the grossly insufficient public participation process.

FPI must raise R480,000 to continue its vital work in SA. We usually raise this funding over a six-month period. But the urgent and immediate threats we’re facing means we must act now!

Please make a generous tax-deductible donation into FPI’s banking account today to help us amplify your voice and defend and protect marriage, the family parental rights and freedom.

The Department of Justice intends repealing the current laws that criminalise the sale and purchase of adult sexual services. This means, pimps, brothel owners and crime syndicates that control the exploitative sex-industry in SA will become legitimate business people overnight.

Law enforcement agencies will no longer monitor the sex-industry – intensifying criminal activity like child prostitution, drug dealing and sex-trafficking. Decriminalisation expands the sex trade.

Research overwhelmingly indicate the links between prostitution and organised crime are never broken despite the decriminalisation of the sex-industry. Crime actually increases significantly.

The SA Law Reform Commission (SALRC) proposed four legislative options for ‘Prostitution Law Reform.’  In the SALRC Final Report  it recommended against the full decriminalisation of the sex-industry.  Alarmingly, the DoJ dictates only one option – full decriminalisation of prostitution!

FPI is joined in its opposition to the proposed decriminalisation of prostitution by 35 prominent organisations who diligently work to rescue and rehabilitate women (and children) from sexual exploitation, abuse and trafficking. This is the worst possible policy for South Africa.

It is critical government hears from a broad cross-section of citizens on its ill-conceived plans to decriminalise prostitution in South Africa. Churches, NGO’s civil-society groups and individuals must make factual arguments in its submission on the “Sexual Offences Amendment Bill 2022.”

That’s why we created the “SA Public Speaks” online portal to assist citizens to easily make submissions on this Bill. Please click the link, follow the instructions and make your voice heard.

Family Policy Institute

FPI is simultaneously preparing to equip citizens to oppose the “Single Marriage Statute” that aims to redefine marriage by equating it with same-sex and transgender unions. This Bill will be tabled in Parliament in March 2023. Your voice in the public participation process is critical.

The redefinition of monogamous heterosexual marriage will trigger a slew of anti-Christian bigotry against citizens who hold a Biblical view of marriage. It will also release a flood of litigation against Churches, wedding-venues and marriage officers who refuse to conform.

We launched the “Protect Children SA” campaign in October 2022 to expose the dangerous abortion and LGBTQ propaganda embedded in “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) – as well as promote “Smart Choices” the safe, common-sense sexuality education alternative.

I re-activated this initiative on 3 January to accurately inform parents and educators about the harms of CSE and the benefits of the safe alternative, “Smart Choices.”  The “World Economic Forum” (WEF) promotes pedophilia as a solution not a crime. CSE grooms children to believe this. The mainstream media, academia and leftists groups support the WEF’s views on pedophilia.

In addition, the Dept of Basic Education will table draft guidelines for public comment early this year proposing unisex toilets at public schools and the elimination of terms like “boys and girls.”

FPI is gathering accurate research on this harmful and destructive policy. We will inform and equip citizens with the tools to defeat this diabolical foreign influenced sexual-rights agenda.

Please view the Joy magazine Article exposing the attacks on children in SA’s public schools.

We need your prayers and urgent financial partnership to continue fighting these critical battles in South Africa. Your vital support empowers FPI to fight for your values where it matters most.

The draconian “Hate Crimes” and “PEPUDA Amendment” Bills will also be advanced this year. These Bills present the most insidious threat to religious speech since the dawn of democracy.

Please make a sacrificial contribution today to support the battle for faith, family and freedom in SA. Your prayers and financial partnership are critical for our continued success in 2023.

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Date published: 10/01/2023
Feature image: Image for illustrative purposes only. Artwork adapted from www.pexels.com

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    God protect all righteous leaders and godly churches

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