Being a single mother in this economy can be stressful. Putting food on the table, clothes on their backs and keeping the lights on can be tough. One courageous single mom reached out to strangers for help; she saw no other way.

Thabisa Xhelithole is a single mom of two, a boy of ten and a little girl of two. She works hard every day to make sure they have the best lives possible, but on her own, it is a struggle.

She put her pride aside and reached out for help. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would receive the amount of kindness and compassion she did.

All Thabisa asked for was R10.00 electricity to help keep her lights on. She shared her meter number along with the tweet, and within minutes, she was flooded with offers and codes for the meter. We spoke to Thabisa about the incredible acts of kindness she received, and she said she was blown away. 

“Being helped has changed my life. And the fact that I had tried before and never got help. At a moment of desperation and lack of hope. Without even explaining myself. I got more than I could ever imagine”

Thabisa shared a picture of her meter at zero, and thirty minutes, it was boosted to over 200 units. Later that day, it was closer to 2000 units.

“I never thought it’s possible that humanity could come out just to help one person. Imagine if they did that to each and every one. Not with just electricity but everything. And without even considering race or culture but through humanity. I hope we do it to everyone.”

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Date published: 04/07/2019
Written by: Tyler Vivier
Article source:


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