Written by: Esra Isaacs
Article source: www.soulfood.africa

Soul Food in George is proud to share its collaboration with the Eagle’s Nest Ministries and the Love George Non-Profit Organisation to develop and create an allotment garden project at the Eagle’s Nest Ministries plot in Pacaltsdorp, George.

Pastor Jan Horn from Eagle’s Nest Ministries in conjunction with local horticulturist, Ms. Alex Kruger, have come together with the Love George NPO for this exciting new venture. They have also invited local representatives Ms. Meaghan Cunningham and Ms. Beverley McKelly from the ATKV to collaborate with Ms. Alex Kruger with the design and coordination thereof, aimed at creating food empowerment for all entities involved.

Esra Isaacs, Manager for the George branch of Soul Food, has developed and established a reputation for teamwork and charitable contributions amongst the George residents. He is renowned for his part in the Soul Food feeding program in the George vicinity – feeding schools, community centres, soup kitchens, hospitals/clinics and any facilities requiring assistance. He has developed a network of suppliers in the area who assist with donations of any surplus food items. These are distributed in addition to the produce delivered from the Soul Food support office in Johannesburg. Regular supporters like Shoprite Checkers are valued contributors to Esra’s food supply to those in need.

In addition to store contributions, Esra has also established a network of farmers who assist with surplus seasonal fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.

In November 2020, Soul Food introduced SOUL SEED to its feeding program menu, in order to empower recipients to grow their own food and provide for their families without depending on food handouts. This new project has grown from strength to strength, enabling hundreds of community members to cultivate their own food and even derive income through sales of their own surplus produce.

With so much SOUL SEED growth taking place in and around the George municipality, Love George and Eagle’s Nest Ministries took notice and invited Esra to be part of their new project. This project is just in time to plant the season specific SOUL SEED products, strategically packaged for the Cape winter weather.

“It is such an honour to be part of this exciting new project,” said Esra about his involvement, “Our high quality, low maintenance SOUL SEED boxes are a perfect partner for this endeavour and will certainly make a difference to the feeding of our George community.”

Rev Brent Chalmers, who is the Managing Trustee for the Soul Provider Trust in Johannesburg said, “The collaboration with Eagle’s Nest Ministries and Love George truly embodies the purpose of Soul Food and how we want to make a difference in communities around South Africa. We are honoured to be involved in educating and encouraging the cultivation of vegetable gardens in George.”

In preparing the land for vegetable crops, the local community in Pacaltsdorp rescuing the indigenous plants currently growing in the intended field. “The protected flora will be rescued and relocated to a new home and our new lay-out, as designed by Alex (Kruger), will be actioned soon. Thereafter the seed products provided by Esra and Soul Food will be introduced and our new project will begin,” said Pastor Jan Horn.

“Community members and leaders are excited about this new venture,” Pastor Jan added. “It is the start of a whole new food growing endeavour that will change many lives in Pacaltsdorp – for the better.”

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Date published: 03/06/2021

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