Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article Source: Family Policy Institute

South Africa voted for change on 29 May and change is what it got. Perhaps not the kind of change most were anticipating, but change nonetheless. Ironically, the ANC leader who repeatedly declared, “The ANC will rule until Jesus returns” was the architect of its undoing. Jacob Zuma’s MK party intentionally ensured the ANC lost its 3-decade majority.

However, the 2,344,309 votes the MK party wrestled from the ANC does not fully account for its 3,566,792 votes loss. Many ANC voters simply didn’t vote. The DA’s 3,505,735 votes are actually a decline of 116,796 votes compared to its 3,622,531 votes in the 2019 Election. The EFF’s 1,529,961 votes in 2024 is a loss of 352,519 votes compared to 2019.

Christian political parties didn’t fare well. The ACDP’s 96,575 votes in 2024 is a decline of 49,687 votes compared to the 146,262 votes it got in 2019. ACDP losses cannot solely be attributed to new Christian based party, Hope4SA who garnered just 27,206 national votes.

The big surprise was the surge of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) who won 330,425 votes nationally in 2024 compared to 6,660 votes in the 2019 Election. The PA also won 153,607 votes in the Western Cape making it the 3rd largest party in the province. The PA’s gain appears to be the ACDP’s loss. The ACDP won 25,363 votes in the W/Cape province in 2024 – a decline of 29,399 votes compared to the 54,762 votes won in the 2019 Elections.

South Africa has entered a new political era in its 30-year democracy. No party has won an outright majority – so parties must form coalitions in order to govern. The MK and EFF insist they will not form a governing coalition with the ANC if it includes Cyril Ramaphosa.

The DA is a more likely coalition partner because it does not demand Ramaphosa’s resignation. It could hammer out a deal in which the ANC can form a minority government. The DA will offer its support in return for the Speaker and committee chairs in Parliament.

Significantly, a minority ANC government will not be able to pass legislation in Parliament without the full agreement of its governing coalition partner. But more about this later.

The ANC lost its majority as a result of Ramaphosa’s spineless and indecisive leadership. Voters abandoned the ANC for the MK party – but not for moral reasons. Former ANC president, Jacob Zuma’s list of crimes against the South African people are mind-boggling.

The next two weeks will be critical for the nation. The kind of coalition government negotiated and the political parties involved will determine if South Africa turns the corner, ends corruption and maladministration and set a course for stability and growth. Or it could choose the populist Marxist route that promises utopia but delivers failure and misery.

This week and the next are critical times for Christians across the country to fervently intercede for the nation. We must pray that God will guide with godly wisdom – those negotiating coalition agreements. He alone can turn this situation around for SA’s good.

Woolworths responded to Christian objections to its in-store “pride” campaign with its usual condescending drivel. It claims, “it is disappointed Christian shoppers have misunderstood its “pride” campaign” which it characterized as “its stance against marginalization.”

Woolworths “pride” slogan declares, “It’s Pride Month, and it’s time to own, express and celebrate your identity.” This endorsement of the LGBTQ lifestyle has nothing to do with marginalization or discrimination. Justifying the “pride” campaign under the banner of “inclusive justice” is an injustice to Christian shoppers, families and innocent children.

Woolworths cannot explain how a lifestyle, endorsed and celebrated globally by world governments, every UN agency, Hollywood, major international corporations, the entertainment industry, the mainstream media, Big Tech, academic institutions, globalist billionaires and even the Disney Corp – can reasonably be portrayed as “marginalized.”

Woolworths claims, its “inclusive justice initiative was established to acknowledge the extent to which certain groups in our society are marginalized, and to help shape an inclusive society in which everyone is accepted, protected and respected.”

Please view my response YouTube video here and share widely with all your contacts.

Woolworths has entrenched itself as corporate activists for the sexual rights movement which falsely portrays LGBTQ people as victims – and Christians and others who disagree with this lifestyle – as aggressors. As a result, if Christian’s object to Woolworths blatant in-store advocacy of LGBTQ propaganda – they are accused of bigotry and discrimination.

Woolworths also equates its endorsement of the LGBTQ lifestyle with Women’s Month, 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women, Earth Day and Youth Day. However, none of these initiatives promote high-risk sexual lifestyles – defined as sin in the Bible – to consumers. But Woolworths sees “pride” as “an extension of its inclusive justice initiative.”

Woolworths further claims “it is not their intention to cause division.” But to “contribute to a world where everyone feels they belong.” However, certain groups are made to feel more welcome than others, hence the “pride” initiative that seeks to sanctify sexual preferences.

Woolies is fully aware its “pride” initiative will alienate shoppers of faith who disagree with the LGBTQ lifestyle and who don’t want LGBTQ propaganda shoved down their throats in retail stores. But it appears, sexual rights trumps Christian beliefs and convictions.

Woolworths endorse and promote the LGBTQ lifestyle and does not care what Christians or anyone else thinks. It therefore dares those who disagree with its “pride” initiative to stay away. They don’t believe you will. Because most people, they claim, agree with them.

If you believe in the authority of the Bible, in the cornerstone institution of marriage, in the primacy of the family and the protection of innocent children – you must boycott Woolworths during June month and send a clear message that Christians will not tolerate corporate social activism that attempts to indoctrinate the public with LGBTQ propaganda.

Please email your written objections to Woolworths “pride” initiative to Woolworths group CEO, Roy Bagattini at roybagattini@woolworths.co.za. Please be respectful.

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Date published: 04/06/2024
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