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A passion for the lost, a heart to know more of the Lord, and a desire to see nations turn to Christ – Israel Taylor is a Bloemfontein-born evangelist who is on a mission to share the Gospel with everyone he encounters. You may have already have read the testimony of Elisée and Sarah Yao – pastors at Divine Restoration Ministries. Israel runs the evangelism office of this ministry, sharing the love of God with everyone he comes into contact with.

Q. When did you receive the call of God?
Before I was born-again, I attended a church service at Divine Restoration Ministries where I saw God move in people’s lives through His Holy Spirit. As I witnessed this, I experienced a deep conviction to dedicate my life to Christ – and a hunger to know more of the Gospel grew in my heart. Eventually this hunger exploded into a desire to share this Good News with everyone who would listen.

Q. How did you get into ministry?
After I gave my life to Christ, I became involved in church – packing chairs and helping with the sound system. As time passed, my pastor allowed me to assist him in praying for people. This was a time of preparation for the ministry that was ahead. At this stage I still had a full-time job, but in my heart I longed to be in ministry as I saw people from all nations uniting under the Name of Jesus Christ. I knew I wanted to be part of God’s promise of unifying all people, from all nations.

Israel Taylor

Q. How did you get to focus on evangelism?
My favourite passage in the Bible is Acts 8, where Philip went to Samaria and an entire city was filled with great joy after Christ was preached to them. This scripture excited me as it is evident that change is possible through the working of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, I am driven by the reality of eternity to proclaim Jesus is the only Way. My pastor, Elisée, introduced me to the ministry of the late Reinhard Bonnke from CfaN. As I followed his ministry of Holy Spirit evangelism, together with confirmation through dreams and visions from the Holy Spirit, I sought God and asked Him to make me usable in His Kingdom as an evangelist.

Q. What are the biggest obstacles you face as an evangelist?
It is not always easy to travel without my family, however, we rejoice in the Holy Spirit, as He draws people to Christ. Through any obstacle, God remains faithful and He gives us grace to be able to persevere and labour with great joy for what He has called us.

Q. Have you ever preached a message and no one came forward? If yes – how did you handle it? If no – how would you handle it?
My mindset on preaching the Gospel is to give people the chance to become aware of eternal life, which is knowing God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Also, creating an opportunity, through the Holy Spirit, for people to repent towards God and to have faith in Jesus Christ. If ever someone rejects the Gospel, it is devastating. Therefore, we contend and seek God that all should be saved and come to the knowledge that there is one God and one Mediator between man and God – His Son, Jesus Christ.

“I am driven by the reality of eternity to proclaim Jesus is the only Way.”

Israel Taylor

Q. Who has had the most influence in your life?
There are four people who have made a significant and lasting impact in my life. However, my first love is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Without the Trinity, I am nothing. Secondly, my mentor, Pastor Elisée Yao, has a great influence in my life – he teaches me the ways of God and leads by example. Thirdly, the late Reinhard Bonnke and the CfaN team who ignited a passion for Holy Spirit evangelism in my heart. Lastly, two marvellous examples of people who lived so closely to the Holy Spirit, Kathryn Khulman and William Seymour from the Azusa Street Revival.

Q. What is your greatest desire?
Through the Holy Spirit, I have witnessed many people who have turned to God, but my greatest desire is an outpouring of the Spirit of God in an entire community, then, in cities, and then in nations. That is when change comes.

Q. What is the most amazing miracle that you have ever experienced?
Every miracle performed through Jesus is a great miracle. And we are thankful that Christ is still confirming His Word today through signs and wonders. By His grace we have seen the blind eyes open, the deaf being able to hear, and the dead raised. But there is one that is dear to me – when I see Jesus baptising people with His Holy Spirit, as is the pattern of the Bible.

Israel Taylor

Q. Do you have any support system in place for your ministry?
I praise God every day for the amazing friends and partners that He has sent across our path. It is not the evangelists alone who will be rewarded for preaching the Gospel, but I believe the intercessors, the team members, the encouragers, and the sowers, who all labour together for the Good News to be proclaimed, will reap the same reward.

Q. Do you feel hopeful about our nation’s future?
On more than one occasion I have seen the farmer and farm worker being baptised alongside one another. God has created all nations with one blood, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, who draws us to Christ, I believe that we can see a truly unified South Africa. I never want to stop preaching the Gospel, as I believe that this is what will change the future of our country. Once we accept Christ and walk in His ways, we can stand together under Jesus, our banner.

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Date published: 28/11/2020

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