Written by: Hermien Van Den Bergh
Article source: JOY! Magazine

My son and I have moved to Het Slot, a game ranch near Steenbokpan, Limpopo. For two more weeks this bushveld adventure will hold us captive and we cannot help but to exclaim that God is good! On arrival I fed a tame nyala and briefly held a little bushbaby named Tippie (in the picture above) – the cutest little animal imaginable. Right now outside my window several springboks are grazing peacefully amongst magnificent Baobab and Marula trees.

Animals using their voices in the Bible
Whilst drinking in the beauty of God’s nature, Proverbs 31:8 came to mind. It says; “Open your mouth for the dumb, for the rights of all who are left defenceless.” This verse made me ponder the plight of animals that can’t speak. In Genesis 3:1, the devil misused an animal to talk to and deceive Eve. Is it possible that animals lost their voice as part of the curse that came on the earth? In Numbers 22:22-31 we read that God, on a special occasion, opened the mouth of a donkey to talk to Balaam. The donkey rebuked Balaam for being a cruel and ungrateful master to her!

Imagine not having a voice
A sad reality is animals cannot speak – they cannot make their case known or defend themselves against a ruthless human. This must be the most fearsome experience for any living creature to be so powerless. Just this week I saw a heart-breaking picture of pigs living in steel cages the size of their bodies to be fed for the slaughter. How cruel is that? Pigs are amazing animals. They are intelligent and playful, and they feel pain, frustration, and emotion like humans do. It makes me wonder why some people are psychopathic when it comes to the welfare of animals.

Treat all animals with respect
Hopefully the Covid-19 lockdown will give humans a lasting memory of what it feels like to have your freedom taken away, and to be intimidated by impending danger. I cringe when I see God’s living creatures held in cages for the amusement of people. Zoos, for one, should be permanently scrapped from the face of the earth. How wonderful for those whose masters have compassion and who wisely choose to manage God’s living creatures entrusted to them with love, power, and wisdom. 

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Date published: 30/09/2020

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