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Abortion is about to be made legal in Kenya! You need to move fast and stop the back door legalization of abortion through the Reproductive HealthCare Bill that has already gone through the second reading in the Senate.

The bill, which is sponsored by Hon. Susan Kihika, advocates for “Legal and Accessible safe abortion”, adolescent-friendly “Family Planning” services, surrogacy, test-tube babies and even Comprehensive Sexuality Education for children.

It is also evident that pro-abortion organizations such as IPAS are sponsoring this bill as they have held numerous meetings with senators to monitor its progress on the floor of the house.

Sign this petition to stop the legalization of abortion in Kenya through the Reproductive Health Bill 2019

This bill opens a pandora’s box on a number of issues that are already defined in the constitution of Kenya 2010. It seeks to interpret Article 26 of the bill of rights by trying to make Article 26 c and d  friendly to abortionists and those that seek abortion on demand.

If this bill is passed, any woman who walks into a clinic and gives consent for abortion will be allowed to procure it contrary to the current laws.

Any medical practitioner will also be expected to procure an abortion as long as the woman has demanded it even when it is against their religious beliefs or values. If this medical practitioner fails to offer abortion by either themselves or referral, they will be jailed for three years.

The bill also makes it possible for anyone in the medical field to procure an abortion.

For the longest time now, Kenyans have fought the destructive Comprehensive Sexuality Education which advocates for among others abortion as a right, homosexuality for children, masturbation and even abortion as a right.

The Reproductive Health Bill 2019 will make Comprehensive Sexuality Education legal through its article 27. It will also make available abortion services that cater to adolescents.

Besides, surrogacy and InVitro Fertilization will be legalized through this bill making Kenya the second African country to legalize these after South Africa.

This bill needs to be stopped immediately, you need to ask the Speaker of the Senate Honourable Kenneth Lusaka to shelve it as it does not reflect the spirit of the Kenyan law and the values held by the majority of Kenyans.

The Kenyan constitution in Article 26 makes it clear that life begins at conception and should be protected under the Bill of Rights. The penal code also forbids abortion.

Thanks for always standing to be counted!
Ann Kioko and the entire CitizenGO Team

P.S. Thank you for your continued support, we need to save future Kenyan babies by stopping this very controversial bill.

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Date published: 18/06/2020
Feature image: Amy Fowler, USAID. www.harpnet.org

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