The ACDP is very excited about the gains we have achieved in this Election.

This despite significant financial constraints, a concerted DA political campaign against the ACDP, poor voter turn out, and some media either not reporting on the ACDP or portraying the ACDP in a negative light.

In spite of these:
* Nationally, ACDP votes grew by 40% from 104,039 to 146,262 votes.
* In the Western Cape by 153%.
* Eastern Cape by 26%
* Northern Cape by 20%
* Gauteng grew 12% 

The ACDP added an additional National Parliament seat due to our strong growth in the Western Cape, giving us a total of four seats.
These seats will be filled by our President Kenneth Meshoe, Steve Swart, our Deputy President Wayne Thring and our Western Cape Regional representative Marie Sukers.
We added to two new Provincial seats, effectively regaining the two seats we held previously in Gauteng and KZN, bring our Provincial seat tally to three including the Western Cape. These seats will be filled by our Premier Candidates in each province, namely Dulton Adams, Eric Manqele and Ferlon Christians respectively.

In comparison to the ACDP’s strong growth:
ANC lost 19 national seats and 23 seats in the provinces.
DA lost 5 national seats and 5 seats in the provinces.
UDM lost 1 national seat and 2 seats in the provinces.
NFP lost 4 national seat and 5 seats in the provinces.
AIC lost 1 national seat
COPE lost 1 national seat
AGANG lost its 2 national seats. 

EFF gained 19 national seats and 20 seats in the provinces.
IFP gained 4 national seats and 4 seats in the provinces.
FF+ gained 4 national seats and 7 seats in the provinces.

New parties represented in National parliament include:
ATM 2 seats
Good 2 seats
AlJamah 1 seat

14 political parties of the 48 on the national ballot paper won seats in national parliament, up from 13 in the previous term.

Statement by the ACDP Deputy President Wayne Thring.

“The ACDP held an urgent Mancom meeting today, 9 May 2019, in Pretoria. At this meeting various allegations of voter fraud and and discrepancies with the National/Provincial election process were discussed. The future of a nation is dependent on the integrity of its election process ,and it is important that this process passes the tests of internationally accepted standards.

Many of the allegations and discrepancies which were brought to our attention included; individual voters voting multiple times, inferior inking, zip zap machines malfunctioning, the abuse of the VEC, Section 24 A forms and the stuffing of ballot boxes before election day. 

As a consequence, the ACDP has called for a full audit of the election results. In addition, we have also called for the audit process to be inclusive, with representation of political parties as observers in this process.

One of the defining characteristics of the IEC is to conduct elections that are free and fair. Unless these elections can be proven to be fair, they can never be free. The ACDP calls on the IEC to accept responsibility for their failures and to ensure that the discrepancies highlighted are never repeated.”

The graphs below outlines the final results:


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Date published: 13/05/2019
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