Anna LeBaron escaped a polygamous Mormon cult at the age of 13. She was raised the daughter of cult leader, Ervil LeBaron, who fathered more than 50 children with multiple wives.

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Our team teaching with a translator. (Swipe for more photos.) Even though I speak fluent Spanish, I don’t speak Portuguese, which there’s enough difference that it made more sense for me to teach in English and have the translator say it in their their primary language. John is just 20 years old and speaks four languages fluently! Our trip here has been his first experience as an official translator and he did a fantastic job! I told him he could do this professionally. The way he matched our tone, voice, movements and mannerisms was so effective. He also plays the piano and other instruments for the worship team. That’s how it came to be that he was volunteered to translate because during the worship practice he was doing it so well during the practice time. His dream is to come to the United States to perfect his English, so we are working on making that happen. His mom is named Miriam, she is on the worship team, and is so proud of him! #braziliansinparis #portugese #loveinanylanguage #brazilianchurchinparis #brazilians #teachingfreedom #thinkdifferently #tdld

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Anna lived through heartbreaking trauma and abuse as a child, enduring poverty, hunger, and brainwashing. Even after escaping the cult, she went through horrific circumstances no child should ever have to experience, including the murder of her brother and uncle at the hands of cult leaders.

In an episode of the “Worth Your Time” podcast, Anna recounted some of the stories from her past, drawing on her book, “The Polygamist’s Daughter.” It is a riveting and well-written account. Anna said:

Your parents are going to do the best job they can. My mom did the best job she could with what she had. Forgiving and letting go of some of those grievances is so important. … That frees you.

Soon after escaping the cult, Anna began attending a Christian church and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Through her relationship with Christ, she was able to begin healing from her heartrending past. 

Anna has proven the resilience of the human spirit and the power of redemption through faith. She’s worked through the issues plaguing birth family, and revealed there is beautiful life after even the worst of trauma.

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Date published: 09/07/2019
Written by: Ericka Andersen
Feature image: Jason Betz/Unsplash
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