Written by: Karen Faulkner
Article source: www.worthynews.com

As Ukraine prepared to face the imminent Russian invasion last month, the Ukrainian Bible Society in Kyiv reported it was running out of printing Bibles as so many people were turning to the Word of God in this time of crisis, Church Leaders (CL) reports.

An affiliate of the American Bible Society, the Ukrainian Bible Society distributes to people of diverse denominations of the Christian faith, CL said. However, its deputy general secretary of the Ukrainian Bible Society Anatoliy Raychynets told Eternity News that its stocks were running out with heightened demand.

“In our churches—whether it is Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, or Evangelical churches— there are more new people. Not only on Sundays or Saturdays, but also during the week,” Raychynets said. “On evenings when we have a Bible study, new people come. They want to pray, to hear something that brings hope or comfort. We printed Bibles for 2022 and we are now in [the] second month of the year and the stock in our warehouse is almost gone. This is a big challenge!”

We are talking about what we can do and how we can print more Bibles because people are asking for whatever we have,” Raychynets explained. “We need more Bibles,” he said.

Despite the devastation and war, Raychynet emphasized that there is unity between Russian and Ukrainian believers.“We speak to our colleagues in Russia,” Raychynet said. “We church leaders speak to one another, and we pray together. We are united in the Lord.”

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Date published: 27/03/2022
Feature image: www.biblesociety.org.uk

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