Written by: VOM South Africa
Article source: www.persecutionsa.org

A pastor’s wife has led over 30 patients to Christ and shared the Gospel with many more while hospitalised to receive cancer treatment.

Nguyen Thanh and her husband have dedicated their lives to advancing God’s kingdom among remote villages throughout Vietnam. During their ministry, they have experienced persecution, being beaten and detained for preaching the gospel to many different tribal groups.

Then, Nguyen was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, and her cancer relapsed in 2020, requiring a complicated surgical procedure and hospitalization. Because of coronavirus protocols, she was required to stay at the hospital for an extended amount of time.

During her stay, she has shared the gospel with more than 100 patients, and 32 have responded in faith. She has also been teaching the Bible to the new Believers, and many of them have returned home and are sharing the gospel in their communities.

Pray for these Believers to continue growing in their faith.

Pray also for Nguyen and her husband, thanking God for their faithful witness to Christ and asking for their material and physical needs to be met as she continues to recover.

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Date published: 10/07/2021
Feature image: www.persecutionsa.org

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