As donations raised for a kind petrol attendant in the Western Cape, South Africa, near half a million rand, the attendant – Nkosikho Mbele – has expressed a heartfelt thank you – “straight from the heart” – to everyone has made donations.

Many South Africans have been moved to reward Nkosi (28) for his selfless act of kindness, fuelled on by the hope he has restored in the nation with his caring behaviour.

As reported first by SAPeople, on Thursday morning Nkosi kindly filled up Monet van Deventer’s car with R100 worth of petrol, which he paid for himself… because she had forgotten her purse at home and he didn’t want her to run out of petrol on the way to Cape Town.

When she returned to pay him back and asked how he could’ve trusted her without taking her name or number, his answer was simple: “Ma’am I am a believer.”

In deep gratitude, Monet set up a page on South Africa’s crowdfunding platform BackaBuddy… with a target of raising R100,000… but as of Tuesday morning the figure is fast approaching half a million rand! A total of R471,615.07 at 10h26.  

Monet told SAPeople: “I really did not expect this to happen at all. I shared it on Facebook and hoped that it meant something to one or two people on my Facebook.

“I am in awe to see how much the act of kindness meant for thousands of South Africans.”

Monet has been in touch with Nkosi since that first day. She visited him at the Shell (False  Bay Ultra City Shell, on the N2) with her boyfriend on Friday.

“He told me it still feels like he is dreaming,” she said.

With the tremendous outpouring of love, appreciation and money from South Africans… has unfortunately come some fear for Nkosi’s life.

BackaBuddy told SAPeople: “Nkosi made contact with BackaBuddy late on Sunday evening explaining that though he was sincerely grateful for the support he received, he feared for his life, thinking he might become a target in his home town of Khayelitsha.

“At his request, he asked BackaBuddy to administer the funds on his behalf.” This would help protect him.

BackaBuddy CEO Patrick Schofield explains: “When someone is used to earning a certain amount each month and suddenly received a huge donation, it can put them at significant risk, both in terms of potential criminals and from others who would like Nkosikho’s funds redirected to themselves.” 

However, should Nkosikho want the funds to be paid directly into his account, then they will be transferred in full.

“He has full control over how his funds are spent,” says Patrick.

The funds raised will be used for Nkosikho’s family who live with him (his two children, brother and mother), for him to study to become a Boilermaker, and for Nkosikho to do charity work and help children on the streets, a cause that’s close to his heart.

WATCH Heartfelt thank you message from Nkosikho

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Date published: 07/06/2019
Written by: SAPeople
Feature image: Nkosikho Mbele
Article source:


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