Written by: Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Article Source: Christ for All Nations

Light the Fire Again Pensacola conference has begun!
Don’t miss this special opportunity to WATCH THE LIVESTREAM if you can’t attend in person. Watch this historic gathering of leaders from the great global moves of God at the close of the last century live! We are believing for God to Rekindle the Flames of Revival and see a mighty move of His Holy Spirit sweep across the earth, stirring the hearts of this generation!

Pensacola conference

Pensacola Bay Center
201 E Gregory St.
Pensacola, FL

Wednesday 9/4
9:30 pm GMT Doors Open
11:00 pm GMT Session 1

Thursday 9/5
12:30 pm GMT Doors Open
2:00 pm GMT Session 2
3:45 pm GMT Session 3
4:30 pm GMT Lunch Break
6:30 pm GMT Session 4
7:50 pm GMT Session 5
9:00 pm GMT Dinner Break
11:00 pm GMT Session 6

Friday 9/6
12:30 pm GMT Doors Open
2:00 pm GMT Session 7
3:45 pm GMT Session 8
4:30 pm Lunch Break
6:30 pm GMT Session 9
9:00 pm GMT Dinner Break
11:00 pm GMT Session 10

Saturday 9/7
1:30 pm GMT Doors Open
3:00 pm GMT Session 11
5:00 pm GMT Lunch Break
7:00 pm GMT Session 12
9:00 pm GMT Dinner Break
11:00 pm GMT Session 13

Pensacola conference

We are believing and trusting that every person who watches via Livestream will encounter God like never before, and be a part of a unique move of God! Be sure to share this livestream opportunity with your family and friends, or even have a watch party all together!

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Date published: 05/09/2019

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