Filled with anxiety following the recent tragic shootings in America, Jamisha Harris sent her three young children to school. And now a photo she posted of her kids is going viral.

Harris’ kids — 10-year-old Eugene, 8-year-old Jorden, and 7-year-old Emily — held hands and prayed together before walking into their Baton Rouge, Louisiana, school.

“Dear God,” Harris wrote on Facebook, “This morning, I’m feeling nervous and a little unsure but thankful. I pray for my children on their first day of school. God, I give them to You. And I ask that, this year, You would use every person and every experience and every lesson to shape them into Your image, to grow in them the fruit of Your Spirit.”

The reality is, Harris, her children, and her husband are learning one day at a time how to find God’s peace in the midst of every experience. The day before school started, the Harris family lost their apartment and both Jamisha and her husband lost their jobs.

This season, Harris told Fox News, has been “very hard for all of us.”  

“And with all the [tragic] events that have been occurring in the world lately,” she continued, “I feel nothing is safe for my children and we are praying because I am sending my children into this wicked world and mommy is not there to protect them.”

But by the power of prayer, the Harrises will overcome this, too.

Harris went on to say that her family prays together every morning before sending the kids off to school. They pray for the “teachers, bus driver, friends, family members, we pray for a change and peace.” 

“They may have taken praying out of schools but not out of God’s children,” she added.

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Date published: 18/08/2019
Written by: Tré Goins-Phillips
Feature image: Photo by Jamisha Harris/Facebook
Article source: