Written by: Nancy Flanders
Article source: www.liveaction.org

Abortion advocates have departed from the mantra of “safe, legal, and rare” and have embraced celebrating abortion with the hashtag #shoutyourabortion, calling for women to be proud of killing their preborn children. But pro-life women are firing back with the hashtag #shoutyourmotherhood, celebrating the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood even when faced with complications and obstacles.

#Shoutyourmotherhood was taken from an essay written by rape survivor Jennifer Christie and is in the process of being trademarked.

Choosing life after rape

Christie is outspoken about her pro-life stance and her story of pregnancy after rape. She, along with her husband Jeff, were the parents of four children when Christie was raped by a serial killer who left her for dead. After learning she was pregnant, she was accused of lying about the rape — and after choosing life for her son, Joshua, she was disowned by her father. She was on bed rest for 22 weeks, and was falsely told her baby was “evil.” Jennifer still chose life and has no regrets.

Living in poverty

Bryonna Jones tweeted her motherhood story which includes having cerebral palsy, being in an abusive relationship, living in a housing project, living below the poverty line, and facing pressure to abort. She chose life despite her circumstances.

Homeless and living with addiction

Robin used the hashtag #shoutyourmotherhood to share her story of being pregnant as a homeless addict. She was pro-choice at the time but now says she is “a grateful, prolife mother of 4 living & 2 angel babies.”

Suffering from health complications

@PunkyMantilla shared her cancer diagnosis during pregnancy and the birth of her son just 24 hours later. “I pumped while planning treatment, quit breastfeeding at one month, and mothered a three-year-old and an infant while I was receiving chemo and radiation. I didn’t do it well, but by God, I did it,” she said.

Choosing life after prenatal diagnosis

Leticia Velasquez, author of A Special Mother is Born, shared her story of multiple miscarriages, gestational diabetes, and a diagnosis of Down syndrome for her third living child — a daughter whom she calls “the heart of our home.”

Renee Emerson shared the birth and loss of her daughter who was diagnosed in the womb with severe CHD and 22q11.2 deletion at 20 weeks. She was “encouraged to abort” but refused. Her baby girl died just six months after birth. “I love her; it was an honor to be her mother,” wrote Emerson.

Choosing life when young and single

@malmcmac2 shared her #shoutyourmotherhood story about being just 21 years old when she became pregnant. Her sister had just died in a car accident, her boyfriend told her to abort, then became abusive. She still chose life and worked three jobs to raise her son.

On being formerly pro-choice

@DontTreadOnBaby tweeted her story of being formerly pro-abortion with zero interest in having children because she thought she would lose her identity if she became a mother. “Abortion is a thief and a liar,” she wrote. “Motherhood is a precious gift.”

These are just some of the amazing and brave stories of motherhood on Twitter right now. Each story is a testament to the strength of women that the abortion industry constantly ignores as it belittles women in order to make a profit. According to the abortion industry, women are incapable of being mothers when they are young, underprivileged, sick, single, or if their baby receives a diagnosis. These women prove it’s all a lie. Women are good enough, strong enough, and smart enough to be great mothers no matter what their circumstances may be.

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Date published: 11/10/2020
Feature image: unsplash.com

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