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Written by: Sue Jameson

The International Day of Happiness was on Saturday March 20 and a small group of “revolutionaries” from various part of the world gathered online to launch, complete with laughter, fireworks and a trumpet fanfare, the global “Joy Revolution”.

This is an ambitious vision to make a difference in the world by releasing the joy of heaven on earth. The outrageous dream of Sue Jameson, Love, Life and Laughter Coach, Joy Activist, and Professional Speaker from South Africa, and Caroline Anderson, Leadership Coach, Business Consultant, and Laughter Leader from England, is to turn the world upside-down through the transforming power of joy and laughter.

Caroline Anderson, left and Sue Jameson

Their first project is inspired by The Blessing videos from around the world. They are asking you, as an individual, couples, or groups, to record yourselves laughing. To ensure that everyone is in unison, you will all laugh for breakthrough, strategically and intentionally, over five specific “giants” that are affecting the nations. They are also asking that the dream is shared with family and friends from around the world, so that they can reach as many countries as possible.

Online launch of the ‘Joy Revolution’ on March 20

The “giants” that are being targeted through this campaign are the coronavirus pandemic. political and social trauma, the depressed economy, marriage and family breakdown and destruction of the environment.

All the videos will be compiled into a global laughter video, to be released on World Laughter Day on May 2.

Please visit the website for all the details:

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Date published: 07/04/2021

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