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In a heart-wrenching incident near Arusha, Tanzania, on Feb. 24, 11 missionaries from Youth With A Mission lost their lives in a traffic accident. The devastating multi-vehicle incident also claimed several other lives.

“It is morning time in Tanzania, and we are deeply saddened to confirm the passing of another three of our dear missionaries as a result of the tragic traffic accident. Eleven of our friends are now with Jesus. Two are still in critical condition in the hospital,” YWAM said in a Sunday morning statement.

The location were the accident happened, Arusha, in Tanzania.

The location were the accident happened, Arusha, in Tanzania.

“As a movement, we gather around all those impacted by this tragedy, their families and their communities. We are working to meet all the pressing practical, financial and emotional needs that arise,” the statement continues.

The organization initially confirmed the loss of eight members in a statement on its website on Saturday. “It is with great sadness that we are confirming that eight of our dearly loved friends and honored missionaries have passed away as a result of the tragic traffic accident,” the ministry reported. “Additionally, several others, including the bus driver, have also passed away.”

As reported by The Christian Post, “The accident, attributed to a suspected brake failure of a truck in the Ngaramtoni suburb of Arusha, involved four vehicles and resulted in at least 15 fatalities, including three foreigners, and injured 12 others. Among the vehicles involved was one carrying students and teachers from New Vision School of Arusha and a public bus.”

As the YWAM community deals with this shocking loss, we find solace in the words of the Bible regarding those who serve the Lord faithfully. Second Corinthians 5:8 reminds us, “Instead, I say that we are confident and willing to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.”

The sacrifice and service of these missionaries is not in vain, and their legacy will continue to inspire others to pursue a life dedicated to the Lord.

Specific prayer requests
As they deal with the effects of the traumatic accident, YWAM shared specific prayer requests. “Pray for the children and spouses of those who passed away. The children lost their Dad or Mom and now have to grow up without them. Pray for the mourning process and people to care for them.  It is said the first 36 hours after trauma sets the tone for the next few years. We ask you to pray for people to surround them and help them through these first days and weeks. Pray that they experience the YWAM family support now and in the years to come. Pray that they will not grow bitter towards God for taking their parent/ spouse too early”.

“Please pray for the people hospitalized that are in critical condition and need to be moved to another hospital with better care.  Pray their transportation goes smoothly without any complications. Pray their condition stabilizes”.

“Pray for those in the hospital that are in stable condition. Even though they are out of danger they are in pain and need special prayer for a quick recovery”.

“Pray for our crisis management team. They’re doing a phenomenal job working night and day, taking care of the injured ones, supporting families, getting the bodies back to their countries (8 different countries)”.

“Pray for clear communication. Pray against confusion in this vulnerable situation to prevent unnecessary hurt and difficulties. Pray for the cooperation with the police, government, and different embassies of the home countries so that it will go smoothly without problems”.

“Pray for the nations of those people who have gone to be with Jesus or who are in hospital. All of those that died were leaders of projects, training centers and ministries. It is a major hit for our mission, especially the continent of Africa and the Middle East and Europe”.

“Pray that much fruit will come out of these tragic deaths and that Jesus will get all the glory. We are praying that we will not shrink back as a mission because of fear that something like this or other tragedy might happen again. We are praying specifically for the work that has been happening through those that have passed away will not be stopped, but be carried on by others. That we even see a major move of missions into these countries”.

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Date published: 27/02/2024
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