Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

I am currently participating in the “National Conference on the Integrated Criminal Justice System (ICJS) and the review of the Criminal Procedure Act” in JHB. I aim to raise the valid concerns of the Christian community regarding the failures of the Criminal Justice System at this event. The Dept of Justice has mostly ignored the contributions of citizens.

I return to Cape Town on Wednesday night 28 February after which Arlene and I depart for the US on 29 February where I will attend the Shepherds Conference in Los Angeles 6 – 8 March and later join the “UN Family Rights Caucus” for vital lobbying work at the “Commission for the Status of Women” 11 – 22 March at UN Headquarters in New York.

You can view the video of my presentation at the pro-family UN event on 9 February Here.

Family Policy Institute (FPI) is battling on multiple fronts to defend and protect faith, family and freedom. Our international work with FPI’s pro-family allies help undergird our vital work in South Africa. Many of the attacks on faith, family and religious freedoms originate at the UN. That’s why I must confront these attacks at both the UN and the SA Parliament.

Sadly, however, FPI’s finances have not kept pace with its growing workload. We therefore need your prayers and financial partnership to fight for your values where it matters most.

29 February is also tax year-end for FPI. You can save on your taxes by donating to FPI. As a registered Public Benefit Organization (PBO) with SARS – contributions to FPI are tax-deductible. Please make a generous donation to FPI this tax-year and support the critical battle for faith, family and freedom in SA. Tax-certificates are available on request.

You can EFT your generous tax-deductible contribution directly into FPI’s banking account.

I have a hectic schedule when I return to SA on 26 March. Besides mobilizing citizens to oppose a slew of anti-family legislation working its way through Parliament, I plan to travel around the country to encourage citizens to vote for positive change on 29 May.

Family Policy Institute

South African citizens from all walks of life must be educated and informed about the dire threat presented by the ANC (and EFF). I will publish articles and produce videos – translated into various SA languages – to provide citizens with the facts about what another five years of ANC misgovernance will mean for millions of citizens and their families.

I will also encourage Christian leaders in SA to recognise the perilous situation we face as a country and urge Christian citizens to intercede for the nation between now and 29 May. Church leaders must take the lead to truthfully inform citizens about the dangers the country face and encourage them to vote for change for the sake of future generations.

All this additional work which includes travelling, video production, editing and a national social-media campaign to get our message out to millions of citizens means FPI must significantly increase its funding to meet its ministry expenses over the next few months.

We face formidable battles ahead. This is the best time to make your most generous contribution to FPI. Your financial partnership in this vital ministry not only help keep us on the frontlines of the battle for faith, family and freedom – but helps you save on your taxes.

I will continue monitoring the anti-family legislation in Parliament while in the US. My work defending faith, family and freedom in South Africa continues uninterrupted even when travelling – thanks to technology. While in the US in June 2023, I launched an effective online campaign against Woolworths for promoting LGBTQ propaganda to its shoppers.

Critically, however, it is your prayers and faithful financial partnership that makes FPI’s work possible. Please accept my deep gratitude for your loyal support. If you have not yet decided to support FPI – now is the time!  Please make a generous contribution today.

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Date published: 27/02/2024

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