Written by: Peter Wooding , Evangelical Focus
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Around 11,000 people flocked to the first three nights of Franklin Graham’s God Loves You UK Tour in Liverpool, Newport in South Wales and Sheffield, with more than 700 people responding to the evangelist’s invitation to accept Christ.

The tour had been forced to reschedule back in 2020 after mounting opposition, followed by the pandemic.

“This is a key time for the proclamation of the Gospel”
“There is a real sense that we are here for this time and as Franklin said, we also feel that God has stepped in. This is a key time for the proclamation of the Gospel, especially emerging out of the pandemic and its effects”, said Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA ) UK’s Roger Chilvers.

“We have the opportunity to encourage churches to proclaim the Gospel boldly and clearly. We have been overwhelmed by the engagement of the UK churches to help with the follow up of those who have responded”, he added.

Chilvers explained that they “have been training people in the local churches to lead small groups, we call Discovery groups, through which enquiries are referred. It is encouraging to hear that many churches are establishing these groups especially to care for those who are responding to the Gospel”.

Franklin Graham will preach at the final evening in London on July 16.

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Date published: 17/06/2022
Feature image: Franklin Graham’s God Loves You UK Tour in Sheffield. / BGEA

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