Written by: Siphiwe Chris Mathebula
Article source: JOY! Magazine

There are things in life that do not change – such as the sunrise and sunset – but everything else is bound to change. Our duty is not to stop the change, but to adapt to it with all the challenges and opportunities it brings. Things will not remain the same forever: times change, people change, trends change, technology changes, and we also change.

New problems, new solutions
The problems we face as a nation today cannot be resolved with the same attitude and mindset that created them. The human race is relatively new to the scheme of things in creation, over 6000 years of existence have taught us a lot of things. From being cavemen to being so industrialised, we have grown in leaps and bounds and discovered the secrets of outer space and beyond. The world is also changing, we are now in the 4th Industrial Revolution – characterised by artificial intelligence, 5G networks, and advanced robotics.

The three South Africas
1. There is the South Africa of yesterday, one that was plagued with apartheid, racial profiling, and segregation.

2. Then, there is the South Africa of today, one that has entered a new dawn, one that is confusing so many because they do not know how they fit into it.

3. Then, there is the South Africa of tomorrow, one that carries hope and a bright future, but its prospects are determined by how we navigate the challenges of today’s South Africa while at the same time resolving the historical injustices of yesterday’s South Africa.

Move on from the past
As devoted citizens, we must look at South Africa from these three perspectives, that is, where this nation is coming from; where it is now, and where it is going. We must ask ourselves serious questions about unresolved issues of the past and find solutions for them – we cannot go into the future burdened by the same problems. Those of us who saw a little bit of the old South Africa owe it to the present generation to guide them into the possibilities and hopes of the future South Africa.

Where there is a will there is a way
Moving South Africa forward requires embracing change. As devoted citizens we need to be willing to embrace change even though it may be painful to begin with. White South Africans should not be made to feel like they are no longer welcome because this is their home too. Black South Africans should not be treated as second-class citizens because we are all equal. The same applies to those of us who are still bitter about the current leadership because we preferred a certain candidate to be in charge. We need to understand that politics is about contestation for power and there will be those who emerge victorious. We need to support the government of the day, with or without party colours. Let us embrace leadership transitions and appreciate that leaders come and go, but the Republic of South Africa remains. Devoted citizens know how to move on with the times without compromising their standards and values.

Adapting to change
Technology can both be an asset and a liability, depending on how we use it. The internet has brought the world to our doorstep. The world changes so much that every night we sleep; we wake up to a whole new world. Devoted citizens upskill themselves to cope with the ever-changing world. They do not fight change or resist it, but rather cooperate and reap rich rewards.

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Date published: 28/03/2024
Feature image: Image for illustrative purposes only. Artwork adapted from www.freepik.com
SIPHIWE CHRISTOPHER MATHEBULA – Lead Pastor: Hope Restoration Ministries. Visit hrm.org.za

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