Written by: ACDP Deputy President, Wayne Thring MP
Article source: Supplied

Yesterday marked the start of the trial of 22-year-old accused Nicholas Ninow at the North Gauteng High Court. Ninow is accused of raping a 7-year-old girl in a bathroom of a Dros restaurant in Silverton, Pretoria.

He pleaded guilty to defeating the ends of justice and also admitted that he was in possession of a banned substance, which later tested positive for CAT.

The African Christian Democratic Party condemns violence against women and children. We stand with the victims and call for justice to be served.

Following the violence inflicted on women and children in the last two weeks, we as a nation, cannot stand by and watch this spread of violence prevail against children, whether male or female, and for perpetrators to proceed with impunity. 

Our justice system must hold Ninow to account, and the prosecution must present its evidence with due diligence, and if found guilty, Ninow must receive the maximum sentence.

South Africa is riddled with gender-based violence and we as a nation need to have renewed faith in our justice system in order to rectify this injustice. Too many victims are silenced because they are unable to open cases at local police stations. It has been widely reported by rape survivors that when opening rape cases, they have been berated by officers and would rather go with the pain of the assault in private, then deal with the ridicule they have faced at the hands of officers who are sworn to serve them. 

The ACDP is committed to strengthening the justice system and ensuring the police service is filled with men and women who value the lives of the South Africans they are called to protect. We believe that it is necessary to intensify training and re-training throughout the service, instilling a respect for authority and duty.

For too long our police system has been seen as useless and we as a nation have gone as far as trusting private security, which is not available to the majority, over the police system. This has to change, and we call on Police Minister Bheki Cele to instill discipline into the police force and decisive action to be taken against all criminals.

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Date published: 10/09/2019
Feature image: Nicolas Ninow

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