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ACDP National Digital Press Conference of 6 January 2021 [Summarised Transcript]

Opening Remarks: Hon Wayne Thring MP, ACDP Deputy President
“The ACDP wishes to take this opportunity to address the media and all South Africans on its proposals to reduce Covid-19 hospital admissions.

At the outset I wish to offer our condolences and prayers to all those who have lost loved ones, to Covid-19 and the many other diseases out there. Our thoughts and appreciation goes to all frontline workers, who place their lives on the line in order to save others.

We wish to correct a misperception and state that the ACDP is not anti-vaccinations because we understand that there are vaccines that have helped to reduce harmful diseases throughout the world. However, we are also aware of vaccines that have not undergone the stringent gold standard of randomised double blind trials. As a result, the ACDP has consistently called for safe, voluntary vaccines, the contents of which should be known to all.

As early as April 2020, the ACDP called for a targeted interventionist approach and warned that a hard lockdown would cause more harm than the virus itself. We have been vindicated. Our economy, already on junk status with a debt to GDP ratio of 81.8%, has been decimated, over 2 million jobs have been lost, resulting in possibly another 7-10 million people going hungry, becoming dependent on the state and adding to the pressure of our already overwhelmed public health system.

Clearly, the blame for our current health crises must lie squarely at the feet of the ruling party the ANC. Over R500 billion or 10% of our GDP, was acquired to address the unfolding health crisis in our country. Instead of beefing up our already struggling public health system, a feeding frenzy ensued by the corrupt, greedy and morally bankrupt, many within the ruling party. As at current, many of our hospitals are unable to cope with the number of infections. They are under staffed and under resourced, many with insufficient beds and some, reportedly running out of oxygen.

The ACDP is on record for saying that more can and should be done, to stop the spread of the virus. The only tools in government’s box to deal with Covid appears to be sanitizing, washing of hands, wearing masks, social distancing and waiting for a vaccine. There is more that the Minister of Health can add and should have added to his health kit.

It boggles the mind as to why Ivermectin was banned by SAHPRA, when countries like India, Brazil and and others are using it successfully, as a supplementary drug in the treatment of Covid-19 and thousands of medical professionals have come out in support of the drug after their own rigorous scientific studies. The least SAHPRA could have done was to conduct local tests on the efficacy of ivermectin, before banning it.

We have called for the Health Portfolio Committee to convene an urgent meeting so as to keep all political parties abreast with the latest health crisis, and for the ruling party to listen to the inputs of other parties, to no avail. Our role as members of parliament, to hold Cabinet to account, in the midst of this health crises has been undermined, as we at times receive information pertaining to Covid-19, at the same time or even after the public has. We must be prepared to question, interrogate, research and investigate. Failure to do so will render us as subjects to agent’s provocateurs and the enemies of democracy.”

Address: Hon Rev Kenneth Meshoe MP, ACDP President
“I wish to thank all doctors, nurses and their assistants who have been working very long hours to care and save the lives of those who are sick.

Our condolences go to all families who have lost their loved ones and friends to Covid-19.

Reports about new infection rates have been worrying and devastating to say the least. Losing an average of 400 people per day is very concerning and requires that we all work together to try and find solutions to reduce new infections and hospital admissions.

We have read reports and seen video clips about how other countries, such as India, Brazil and New Zealand have been treating Coronavirus patients and minimising the amount of hospital admissions. They have what they call Covid-19 Home Kits to assist their citizens to improve their guard against infections, in addition to the well-known health protocols such as sanitizing, wearing a mask, social distancing and washing one’s hands regularly.

What I want to highlight is the proposal from Auckland, New Zealand.



1. The first principle of management is priming your immune system. Our immune system is our first port of defence in fighting any infection:

  1. Have a good diet that is rich in colourful vegetables and fruits.
  2. Stay well hydrated with water.
  3. Remain calm and do not panic.
  4. Minimise any processed food and alcohol.
  5. Take immune-building supplements, which are Zinc, Vitamin C and D, every day.

2. Reduction in Viral Load
When you get infected with Covid-19, it is mainly as a result of receiving somebody’s droplets via your nose, mouth or even eyes. So, it is important to dilute the viral load by mouth rinsing or gargling and rinsing one’s nose.

The drug, “Ivermectin” that made international headlines as a “miracle cure” for covid-19 has been declared illegal by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).

The World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored trials on Ivermectin showed an 83% reduction in Covid-19 mortality.

How many more people should die unnecessarily in South Africa before government allows the import and use of Ivermectin to treat covid-19 patients?

It has been reported that Ivermectin has proved to be even more of a “Wonder drug” in human health, improving the nutrition, general health and well-being of billions of people worldwide ever since it was first used to treat Onchocerciasis in humans in 1988.

As developing countries such as India and Brazil are prescribing Ivermectin for treatment against SARS-COV-2, particularly in the early stages, the ACDP calls on government and SAHPRA to review their bad decision to ban this much needed medication in South Africa, and allow its use to treat covid-19 patients in order to save more lives.

Thank you.”

Presentation: Dr Ivan Jardine, ENT Surgeon and ACDP NEC Member
“With the onslaught of Covid-19 during the past year the world including South Africa has been reeling from the direct health effects of the virus as well as collateral complications due to lockdown. This resulted in businesses closing and many jobs being lost. The indirect calamity is on the family, schools and education, increased domestic violence, and depression.

SA citizens have been left in a daze of hopelessness having to go through testing, trauma of a positive result and being isolated and quarantined. Sadly, lives have been lost in the interim and worst of all some patients had to die alone.

The ruling party has introduced drastic measures to contain this widespread infection without giving the populace any hope.

The ACDP would like to provide solutions we can ALL use to bring this disease under control and decrease hospital admissions. Whilst our frontline medical workers are providing a sterling service, under immense pressure, many of them are overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of patients they now have to deal with.

We must find ways to deal with this pandemic pragmatically and get the country working, save businesses and jobs, and keep our economy from collapse.

There are interim solutions while we wait for the arrival of a safe vaccine.

As an ENT surgeon – along with our Ophthalmologist colleagues we have been the most threatened by this virus.

Dr Li Wenliang a 34-year-old Ophthalmologist was the first to die from Covid-19. Subsequently, ENT surgeons who work closely in the patients airways also succumbed to this virus in the early stages.

This led me to do as much research as I could as to how we can protect ourselves as well as finding solutions for the nation at large.

Let’s look at the Virus
Covid-19 travels in droplets in the air and enters our bodies – through the nose and the mouth and a lesser extent our eyes.

From there it has to enter our cells by binding to the ACE2 receptor sites. Once in the cell it hijacks our own protein manufacturing factory to replicate itself.

If we are able to decrease our exposure, decrease the number of virus we are exposed to – the Viral Load, and find ways to block the virus from entering our cells and also block the enzymes it uses to replicate itself – we are on the road to winning this war.

The third arm is to boost our immune system.

Let’s address Ivermectin
In the lab studies – within 24 hrs it has been shown to decrease the Viral RNA by 93% and 99.8% reduction in of unreleased and unpackaged Viral RNA. In 48 hours there was a 5 000 fold reduction of Viral RNA compared to control samples.

In 24-48hrs there was controlled viral replication – effectively causing a loss of all viral material by then. There was no toxicity observed to the cells up to 72 hrs – blocking the spike protein of the virus entering the cells and multiplying.

I have found many studies from many countries such as India, Bangladesh, USA, Autralia, Bulgaria, Egypt, South America etc. These studies were done and some were published by physicians of significant standing in reputable journals.

These physicians include the renowned Professor Paul Marik – an ex South African Wits Graduate, trained at Baragwath hospital. Prof Pierre Kory, Dr Jean-Jacques Rajter, along with other physicians have also advocated and been in support of Ivermectin, along with some other medicines, as therapy for Covid-19.

Fellow ENT surgeon Dr Martin Gill, who has also done extensive research from April, has done several radio and TV interviews and has connected with over 1 000 doctors with the same conclusion. He has initiated its use in Zimbabwe with very limited hospital facilities. There they treated many patients at home even some with oxygen saturation in the 70s.

I strongly urge government, the Department of Health, SAHPRA and all related bodies to release Ivermectin for emergency use and to allow us to run trials and start its use in South Africa. Too many people have died already – we all know someone who has succumbed to Covid-19.

Our front-line medical workers are at risk, and the country is going to collapse. Please with the utmost sense of urgency – release Ivermectin.

From an ENT point of view – because the virus enters through the nose and mouth – there is evidence that we can decrease the viral load rinsing the nose using warm saline or salt water and baby shampoo.

Warm steam inhalations also have some inhibitory effect on the virus. This together with boosting our immune system we can overcome this battle.”

What we can do to minimize infection:

  • Continue to sanitize, wash hands etc
  • Eat fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Drink Hot /Warm liquids with Lemon
  • Rinse nose with salt water and baby shampoo
  • Steam with boiling water/salt water for 10 min
  • Breathe deeply – blow balloons
  • Make sure you sleep well
  • Exercise
  • Do mental exercises

Airlines and hotels should have UV lights in the air-conditioning ducts, and planes should be fogged intermittently with Ozone and or Colloidal Silver

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Date published: 07/01/2021
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