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On Monday 18 April, I had the privilege of hosting Conell Loggenberg, of Action 4 Freedom and Advocate Sabelo Sibanda in a very important zoom meeting that could result in a critical and landmark ruling. the link for the zoom recording session us02web.zoom.us and the Passcode: is q*29KnGA.

Action 4 Freedom is the NPO that is taking the South African Minister of Health, Dr. Joe Phaahla to Court and Advocate Sibanda is the lawyer representing Action 4 Freedom along with instructing attorney Naven Pillay.

Who is Action 4 Freedom?
Action For Freedom is an NPO, a not for Profit company duly registered under companies Act 2008 (Act 71 0f 2008) with registration number 2021/60883/08. It exists to “promote, support and facilitate fairness, equality and equitable discharge of Human Rights and Responsibilities”. It also “informs , educates and empowers people through practical and actionable means towards solutions.

It is also an organisation that promotes active citizenry and encourages citizens around the world to take charge of their future and destiny by participating in the economic, social and political structures, processes and activities in their communities.

Community justice is the name of the game and the pursuit of fairness is their modus operandi.

What are the key issues in the pending Court Case?
Action 4 Freedom are asking the Cape Town High Court  to declare the 30 day comment period issued by Minister of Health, Joe Phaahla, ultra vires . The objective of this case is to obtain a declaratory order of Court that the Minister’s Notice as issued is contrary to law, ultra vires, null and void and for the Notice to be withdrawn in that;

  • section 90(4)(c) does NOT give Minister power to CONSULT the Public
  • public consultation is permitted under section 90(4)(a); and
  • Notice for Public Consultation is a minimum of THREE MONTHS, NOT 30 days.

The matter was initially heard on April 14 and has been postponed to Tuesday 26 April, 2022 to allow the Minister of Helaths legal team to further consult, prepare and present argument on the matter. The Judge also stated that the Minister is barred from continuing with the processing of the regulations until the matter has been finalised.

How can we support Action 4 Freedom?

  • By participating in the case which will be heard online this coming Tuesday 26 April, 2022.
  • By partnering with Action for Freedom financially and donating to the cause to ensure that the costs of this case and others like it will be covered and their activist cause and mission is maintained. You can partner with Action 4 Freedom by donating to the following account: ACTION 4 FREEDOM (NPC), Mercantile Bank, Branch Code: 450105, No.: 1051021731. You can also visit the following link: action4freedom.com/donate

This case has the potential of setting a precedent that can not only be used in South Africa but in the SADC region as well and globally as well. It’s time for citizens to hold leaders accountable for their actions. Any leaders who makes decisions negligently, irresponsibly or even maliciously must be held to account. Leaders who exist only to enrich themselves in any way must be removed and substituted with leaders who have the welfare of citizens at heart.

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Date published: 20/04/2022
Pearl Kupe-Attorney & International consultant to world leaders & International organizations is International President-Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs- www.gfwe.co.za . Personal website on www.Pearlkupe.co.za Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com

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