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The Family Behind The Ministry
Peter is a powerful and influential leader, and is the fifth generational descendant of the great healing evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth. He continues to demonstrate the living power of the Holy Spirit.

Tammy is a vibrant and innovative preacher. She began her initial years in ministry reaching out to the lost in dark places, such as nightclubs and on the streets. This awakened a flavourful and focused evangelistic vision within the church to set the captives free. In the midst of their dedication to full time ministry, they lovingly parent their five children, Jethro (18), Aryn(17), Keita (15), and twins Seth and Cyanne (13).

A Home For Everyone
Acts Christian Church, formally known as World Outreach, was handed
over from Pastor Abe de Fin (Peter’s Father), to Peter and Tammy. Thereafter, the church was renamed Acts Christian Church and has grown from 200 members to being a spiritual home of thousands as a multi-campus church (4 campuses). Acts Church is evidently ‘a church for the city’ with its diverse congregation and vast demography.

“In heaven there will be people from every nation, tribe, and tongue and
we want our church to represent that. What counts is people, and we want
to reach as many as we can for Jesus”, says Pastor Peter.

Children’s ministry
Acts Church is known for its outstanding children’s ministry. Each week over 1500 children, under the age of 13, arrive to a children’s church programme that offers far more than baby-sitting or entertainment. We engage children in worship, Bible teachings, and equip them to be the future leaders of the church.

The Next Generation Of World Changers
Besides the dynamic Sunday morning ministry, hundreds of children come every Tuesday and Thursday evening to be trained and equipped to be a part of leading the Sunday programme – this is called impACT 29. This movement is unique to South Africa and has been the core reason
for the great and exhilarating growth in the children’s ministry. The children are also equipped with top- notch music lessons and are currently running four fully-functioning children’s church bands.

One of the main highlights is the kid’s church production, which is presented annually. Hundreds of kids come together and participate in taking the church through an entire Sunday service filled with energetic praise and worship, along with powerful experiences that will leave you awestruck as the next generation of world changers take to the stage.

Pastors Peter and Tammy de Fin continue to devote their lives into the great expansion of the Kingdom and are ready to shake the nations with the divine Gospel of Christ.

Focused of jesus and his teachings
Sunday morning services are exuberant, with a pivot of edifying praise
and worship followed by faith-filled preaching. Although Acts Church
uses the latest technological techniques in its presentation, worship
remains intimate and the presence of the Holy Spirit is treasured. The
preaching is solely Word-based and practical, with a salvation call
inviting seekers to make Jesus the Lord of their lives each week.

Our campuses
Acts Church is a multi-campus church with campuses in Glenn Austin
(main campus), Vorna Valley, Westdene and its latest plant in Bradford
U.K – which is held in the original building of Smith Wigglesworth’s Church. Two new campuses are in the planning phase; one in Cape Town and the other in Centurion.

Training and equipping
Acts Church is the founder of four life-transforming courses, known as
The Equipping Courses. These focus on establishing the fundamental
lifestyle of a born-again believer, training them to live a life of
freedom, godliness, and worship along with discovering their gifting
and equipping them to function in their gifting within the local church.

Acts of love
Community is a vital aspect in establishing a unified nation for Christ.
Acts Christian Church keeps to our corporate responsibility within the
community by running multiple projects through Acts of Love, which
touches the lives of orphans and the homeless, impacting townships as
well as providing medical care to those in need. Acts of Love additionally
holds annual winter/blanket drives, shoe box, and Christmas projects.
Find out more about Acts of Love – actsoflove.co.za

Educating our future leaders
Acts House of Education, established in the year 2015, is a fully accredited school built by Acts Church and upholds godly standards and exceptional levels of education, which as of this year schools from Grade R to Matric. For more information visit actshouse.com

Miracles and testimonies
One of the most exciting meetings at Acts Church is the “Supernatural Night Service,” which takes place once a month at the main campus, referred to as North Campus. This service is characterised by a high-spirited and
faith-filled crowd with expectation of receiving tremendous breakthrough in their lives.

After having had an encounter himself at an Apostle Maldonado meeting, Peter stepped out in faith to hold these supernatural meetings, with an evident effect. Testimonies each month speak of God’s goodness, unconditional love, and divine healing power. The supernatural services are now being taken across the country. Recently, a Muslim lady was healed of asthma and testified afterwards that she now knows that God is real. Look out on our website for the next meeting near you – actschurch.co.za

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Date published: 13/02/2020

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