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“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly!” – John 10:10

The best way to reach a community is to start at a school. By equipping the parents, teachers, and learners with the right life skills, they can live their lives to the fullest. This is the heart of VitaAmp, our non-profit organisation that focuses on areas where there is little help and support for the communities. VitaAmp’s goal is to equip people so that they can live life fully as God intended them to, based on the scripture above. Jesus came so that we can live in abundance as promised in His word. We want to equip people to live with the abundance that Jesus has planned for them.

Teachers encourage children to dream – big or small.

Equipped to live life to the fullest
The youth today are faced with enormous challenges such as identity, emotional pain, values, and pressure. We invest in young people by continually equipping them and teaching them skills, emotionally and spiritually, in the very challenging world they live in today. In April, VitaAmp will be four years ‘young’. The organisation was born out of a passion for healthy families, tenacious leaders, and energetic young people. We focus on three areas: to equip parents so that they give leadership in challenging times and ensure healthy families; to equip teachers and spiritual leaders with life skills, and also to invest in young people so that they are prepared for the challenges ahead.

The heart of the community
We believe with heart and soul in our principals and teachers and therefore we equip them for the great task they do. In the heart of Pretoria West, there is one such a school that we have become very fond of over the years. General Beyers Primary School is very close to our hearts. The principal, Mr. George Parker, and Johan Smith of VitaAmp have worked closely together to equip the parents, teachers, and learners of the school to help them to live with confidence in this broken world.

Teachers play a vital role
First on the agenda were the teachers. Teachers are among the most important leaders in South Africa. They work with thousands of young people daily. The next president, medical practitioners, or top architects sit under their watchful eyes. Teachers can encourage a child to dream big or they can smother those dreams. When teachers realise this potential, a world of possibilities opens up for them.


Motivation to change lives
The result is teachers who understand their important leadership role and are motivated to make a difference. In the words of Mr Parker, “The sessions are the motivating lifeline for our teachers. Dr Smith offers quarterly motivational sessions for our teachers and makes a huge difference in each of their lives. His encouragement fills them with new energy and they are very motivated to make a difference in Danville. He helps us to tackle our daily challenges with dedication.”

Hope for demoralised parents
A big highlight is the evenings with the parents. The hall is usually packed with parents who are hungry for advice for the task of parenting. Initially one can see that they are tired and demoralised, but after the sessions a new energy can be detected. Hope shines brightly in their eyes. “The challenges facing parents these days are very different from in the past. Dr Smith provides skills for parents to implement at home. We see a clear difference in the children whose parents attend these sessions. Parents learn how to love their children better,” explains Mr. Parker.

Proactive preparation for teenagers
The learners are also very close to our hearts. Young people face many challenges, especially as teenagers. From an early age they are faced with choices that can have devastating consequences. We follow a proactive programme with the Grade 7 learners to prepare them for high school. Young people can then face adolescence with the right knowledge and can make the right choices when faced with drug and alcohol abuse, misuse of technology, choice of friends, etc.

“Our grade 7 learners are always a very challenging group. Dr Smith guides them to make the right life choices and he prepares them for the challenges that await them in high school. After Johan’s talk our learners’ excellent behaviour is evidence that his lessons were spot on,” says Mr Parker.

Teachers are among the most important leaders in South Africa.

Valuable sound board for principals
Mr Smith and Mr. Parker work closely together. “Johan helps me as a mentor and keeps me motivated,” says Mr. Parker. “He is my soundboard for challenges at my school. As a poor school with many social challenges, it is important to have someone who can put things into perspective and have faith in the calling God has for me as a principal. Without VitaAmp’s input, we would not be able to make the difference that we see. ”

Hope for communities that are not yet living life to its fullest
By joining hands, General Beyers Primary School and VitaAmp are making a difference in a community that has forgotten how to live life to its fullest. Together, they are transforming a community by giving hope and inspiring an entire school to enjoy life in abundance. What is taking place here is our dream for every school and community in our country. Young people, teachers, leaders, and parents must hope again. Each one of them must live a life full of hope – as God’s intention has always been.

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Date published: 13/02/2020
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