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Recently social media has been abuzz on account of a video that went  viral showing two French doctors on television, namely Jean Paul Mira and Camille Locht discussing vaccine trials and proposing that the testing of a potential COVID 19 vaccine be carried out in Africa. Their reasoning for this was because Africa allegedly did not have the necessary “masks, treatment or resuscitation” ability.

French intensive care doctor Jean-Paul Mira has since apologized for suggesting that the testing of a “repurposed” tuberculosis vaccine be conducted in Africa.The statements opened up a can of worms and drew attention to the tragic fact that Africa has traditionally been used over the past decades for indiscriminate lab testing.In the video, the two French doctors candidly admitted that vaccine testing has been going in Africa and specifically refer to the vaccine testing of prostitutes in HIV/AIDS vaccine research.

Social media platforms all over the world responded swiftly to categorically state that Africa shall no longer be a place where organizations or certain nations can test their dangerous drugs and vaccines on.

Why Africa?
Why would any organization choose to test COVID 19 vaccines in Africa, when global statistics show that Africa has by far, the lowest cases of confirmed COVID cases. At the time of writing this article, Africa, as a continent, had a combined total of just over 11 447 confirmed COVID cases and 573 deaths, in comparison with Italy’s 139,422 confirmed cases and 17,669 deaths and Spain’s 152,446 confirmed cases and 15,238 deaths. Common sense dictates that testing should be done where the most COVID 19 incidences are.

African Union Response
Recently the African Union (AU) had a teleconference meeting on 03 April, 2020 to discuss the AU response to the emergence of COVID 19. President Cyril Ramaphosa sits as the AU Chair. Members of the Bureau that participated in that meeting, included Congo (DRC), Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Rwanda, Senegal,South Africa, Zimbabwe. A number of items were discussed,(see:communique of AU bureau of Heads of State & Government teleconference) including the importance of acting immediately to “test and to guarantee equitable access to test kits, masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), vaccines and therapeutics as soon as they became available.

Also participating in the meeting were representatives from WHO and CDC (Africa Centre for Disease Control). The most surprising participant of all was President Emmanuel Macron, who is the President of France and not of any African nation. This begs the question as to whether  Africa is still being run by her former colonizers?

Africa’s Message To The World

  • African are humans too and are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Undermining Africans and targeting them for diabolical and murderous plans will incur the wrath and judgement of God.
  • African nations will rise up in this season to walk in their independence and will no longer be independent in “principle” only. They will no longer be ruled by remote control by any greedy and self seeking nation that hungers to control the abundant resources of Africa.
  • Africa is NOT for sale! Psalms 24:1 says the earth is the Lords, the fullness of it and its inhabitants. No nation belongs to any leader. Leaders who offer up their nations for sale to wealthy conglomerates in exchange for money, power and influence or fail to lead their nations responsibly will not only face the wrath of the active citizenry
  • God is raising up sons of Elohim who will steward the nations of Africa to ensure their alignment with their God ordained and redemptive purposes. COVID 19 has exposed many dangerous elements which will be confronted head on. This is an era of active citizenry as never before. No longer will people be satisfied to leave the running of their nations to selfish or irresponsible leaders.

#AfricansAreNotLabRats  #AfricansAreNotGuineaPigs

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Date published: 06/04/2020
Feature image: African Man walking with mask – Thomson Reuters
Pearl Kupe – Attorney & International consultant to world leaders & International organizations is International President-Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com

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