Written by: Pearl Kupe
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The Disaster Management Act is now being strictly enforced across the country. Please be careful of the information that you share as there is a provision in the Act that criminalizes statements intended to deceive any person about COVID-19 or the government’s response to the pandemic. The regulations were published in the Government Gazette under the 2002 Disaster Management Act and carry penalties including fines, imprisonment, or both.

Concerns have been raised about the rights of Freedom of opinion & expressions however, the response has been to say that the new regulations allow for prosecution only of malicious falsehoods about COVID-

My humble advice to the public in South Africa :

  • Please carefully check any information you send out and conduct fact checks by using fact check website addresses such as snopes.com; www.factcheck.org; www.incontextinternational.org; www.politifact.org; www.africacheck.org
  • What’s App administrators, please manage the information being sent out carefully to avoid misinformation and causing panic.
  • Regarding Social media platforms, if you are not sure of the information and/or have doubt, Please refrain from sending out.

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Date published: 06/04/2020
Feature image: AFP
Pearl Kupe – Attorney & International consultant to world leaders & International organizations is International President-Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com

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  1. Yes let’s be agents of positive and vetted information – the Word of God is a safe and necessary option in times like these.


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