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Christ for all Nations (CfaN), the mass evangelism ministry founded by the late Reinhard Bonnke and now led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, is celebrating 50 years of sharing the Gospel in Africa, documenting over 90 million decisions for Christ. This astonishing feat is testament to the ministry’s dedication, passion, and obedience to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. To celebrate this phenomenal milestone, CfaN recently hosted a fundraising banquet in Cape Town, flying in team members from across the world. Attendees were inspired after hearing directly from Daniel as he shared powerful ministry memories over the years, as well as the ministry’s vision for this next decade.

50 campaigns in one year
To celebrate this remarkable anniversary, CfaN will be pushing harder than ever before, conducting 50 Gospel campaigns this year! This far surpasses the maximum number of evangelistic events CfaN has done in a year before. It is nevertheless possible because of the intense expansion that has happened in the ministry since the start of this decade, all part of Daniel’s “Decade of Double Harvest” vision, which seeks to see 150 million salvations documented by 2030.

Ambitious evangelism goal
In an interview with JOY!, we chatted to Daniel about the ambitious goal of conducting 50 Gospel crusades across Africa in one year. We asked how the idea for this vision came about. He shared, “Yes, it is ambitious! As far as I am aware, nothing like this has ever been done before. Historically, a good year for CfaN would include roughly seven or eight Gospel crusades. Last year we broke that record by conducting 11 crusades. The goal to try to multiply this to 50 crusades in a single year is massive. Each crusade is four to five nights long, we are talking about 200-250 nights of Gospel crusades. It is very ambitious in every way – in terms of planning, logistics, fundraising, and time on the road. In every way we will be stretched. And yet, the reason why I believe the Lord is encouraging us to do this is based off the original word that the Lord gave to Evangelist Bonnke prior to 1974 – that from Cape Town to Cairo, Africa shall be saved. I felt strongly that the Lord is inviting us, in our 50th year, to press into the promises in faith and to do something outrageous. I can genuinely say that this vision has stretched our faith. We are pressing in with all our might, and the Lord has been faithful to provide. I believe that we are going to see history made and promises fulfilled.”

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda (left) with the late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

A vision for mass salvation
By the end of the year, CfaN will have conducted campaigns in southern, eastern, western, and northern Africa, including some areas that have previously been off-limits to the organisation. Their desire is to see the documented salvation count reach 100 million by the end of 2024. To learn more about CfaN and their 2024 campaigns, visit Please cover this ministry in prayer and consider making a financial donation to support their evangelism efforts. The Great Commission instructs each of us to share the Gospel and make disciples. If you aren’t able to give your time to this, consider supporting those who are.

“The vision for 2024 is going to require ‘all hands on deck’, not only from our team worldwide, but from every financial partner of the ministry as well. Together, we will see prophecy fulfilled and a greater harvest than we’ve ever witnessed before.” – Daniel Kolenda

Accurate numbers
Known for their massive Gospel campaigns in Africa, CfaN tracks and documents salvation decisions through the use of signed decision cards that are used to connect new converts with local churches.

In 1984, CfaN started building the “biggest tent in the world” with 34 000 seats. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it was the “largest mobile structure in the world”.

The famous big tent
Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was known for his prophetic rallying cry, “From Cape Town to Cairo, Africa shall be saved!” In honour of that mandate, the year’s events were launched in Cape Town on February 18th. This date holds historical significance for the Christ for all Nations team, as it was the day their famous “Big Tent” (then the largest mobile structure in the world seating 30 000) was dedicated to God in 1984. Within only two years, the ministry outgrew the tent, and the era of true mass evangelism began for CfaN, with over 100 000 attending a single service in Malawi in 1986. They have never looked back since, growing from strength to strength and witnessing moments like a million people attending a single service in Lagos in 2000.

“From Cape Town to Cairo, Africa shall be saved!” – Reinhard Bonnke


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Date published: 12/03/2024

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  1. The Lord Jesus said “go make fisc of all nations”. He didn’t say converts. Cfan’s own admission to me, is that less than 2% remain. That 2% is rounded up by crooked pastors, n now the richest pastors in Africa, multi billionaires, from Nigeria, Malawin n other places. True disciples are having a struggle where “ask Jesus into your heart, now you’re a Christian” has been preached.
    I was so happy when the Lord blew that big tent away.
    The Lord Jesus made 12 disciples n lost one in 3 years, n somehow we think we can make thousands in a night. Leaving New converts to wolves is iniquitous.
    Disciples make disciples who make disciples. That’s the real church. A process.
    A child is born in a moment, but years of nurture are needed or it dies. Leave babies alone or to thieves, they die.

  2. Hi Ian. If you think that only 2% of nations still need to be evangelised, you are mistaken! Every new generation is a new mission field. Look at the UK and Europe. Although populations have grown, after two generations most of the churches are empty and these nations are are peopled by agnostics. Dire persecution has left Muslim countries virtually untouched. The is also serious repression by Hindu nationalists, as is happening in India. The same goes for current atheistic communist countries such as North Korea and China. And ex communist countries have been left barren of the gospel. Russia is sad example of this with the religion of the majority centring on an imperialistic war mongering dictator – they put him in power and keep him there by democratic process (if you can believe the election “statistics”). Most other historically Christian nations have also fallen back due to failure to evangelise succeeding generations. So the fields are indeed white to the harvest and evangelism is more necessary than ever! And without foreign mission how will the torches be lit in the different countries? The task is huge and the available time may be shorter than we think.

    One thing that I do agree with is that discipling is also very necessary! But don’t knock evangelists for doing their job so well. Reading of the article shows that the discipleship baton has been passed on to local churches that the interact with. What we are dealing with is a Body ministry of faithful people with diverse gifts of the Holy Spirit. No-one has all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit (if that were so such people would be worked to death while everyone else does nothing). Where would the sight be if the Body were just a bundle of ears, etc. God made His Church to be composed of spirit-filled believers all united as one, just as the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are ONE. That is what we should be aiming for!

    If God is calling you to disciple new converts then please do it! This is a great need.

    P.S. I hope that there is not a hint of jealousy in the comment?

    Chris Herold


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