Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

Election campaigning intensified since President Ramaphosa announced the 29 May General Elections date. Most citizens agree much is at stake. Rampant corruption and gross maladministration has brought the country to the brink of a failed state. The economy is on life support and critical state infrastructure destroyed by staggering incompetence.

Ramaphosa’s repeated promise that his government is committed to combating corruption and graft is often exposed as false. The ANC’s election candidate list includes senior ANC members implicated in massive corruption in the State Capture Inquiry report – which once again verifies, the ANC governs in the best interest of its cadres – not the citizens of SA.

ANC Secretary General, Fikile Mbalula defended his party’s election candidate list by insisting those implicated in corruption, theft, fraud, money laundering and racketeering have not been charged and prosecuted in a court of law. In other words, they are innocent until proven guilty. But it’s the ANC regime that blocks the prosecution of its corrupt cadres.

Omry Makgoale, a member of the ANC, laments the failure of electoral reform in South Africa. Although independent candidates can contest the General Elections for the first time since democracy – political parties still dominate the country’s electoral system.

Mokgoale points out that voters cannot directly select their candidates for Parliament or provincial legislatures. Political party bosses select the candidates for national and provincial legislatures without consulting voters. As a consequence, successful party candidates answer to party bosses and NOT the people who elect them to public office.

A new Brenthurst survey has found most South African voters prefer a coalition government. ANC support has plummeted to 39% nationally. DA support increased to 27% and the new MK party is projected to win 13% of votes. EFF support declined to 10%.

Family Policy Institute

South African voters have a real chance to rid itself of the chronically corrupt ANC on 29 May. Ironically, Jacob Zuma, who repeatedly declared, “The ANC will rule until Jesus returns”  will likely be responsible for ensuring the ANC will not rule beyond May 2024.

Both the EFF and MK parties were formed by disaffected ANC members – which may be its downfall. Many political analysts predicted the governing party will lose power because of infighting. Disgruntled cadres are tearing into each other desperate for positions of power.

Christian leaders must encourage voters within their influence to vote for parties with conservative values. Polls indicate, Christian parties may be included in the governing coalition but will not constitute a majority. We must educate voters about the dangers of a ANC/EFF coalition & urge them to vote for more conservative political parties/candidates.

Tragically, independent candidates don’t appear to be making much headway. Established political parties enjoy the benefits of well-organized structures, multi-million-rand budgets and experienced personnel to plan and execute strategic national election campaigns.

South Africa is at a crossroads much like 1994. The nation had no option but to break with the apartheid past. Its prospects for success under the apartheid government was zero.

Similarly, the nation has no prospect of success under the dead weight of the corrupt and incompetent ANC regime. It must break with this failed government. Christian leaders helped end apartheid and birth SA’s democracy. We have an opportunity to end the failed governance of the ANC regime and initiate a fresh start for the nation. We dare not fail.

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Date published: 12/03/2024
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