On Friday, June 28, Amazon stopped selling books that describe methods to heal homosexuality or suppress unwanted same-sex desires.

Amazon censored the following titles, among others:
• “Heterosexuality: True Stories,” by Mexican psychologist Everardo Martínez Macías
• “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality,” by Joseph Nicolosi
• “Healing Homosexuality,” also by Nicolosi
• “How a Gay Boy Became a Straight Man,” the testimony of American David Robinson
• “The Battle for Normality: A Guide for (self-) Therapy for Homosexuality,” by Gerard van den Aardweg

In all cases, the authors received a brief email informing them that they had violated Amazon’s content policy. The content policy refers to the prohibition of pornography and other “inappropriate content.” The authors weren’t provided with any other details regarding their supposed violation.

Everardo Martínez wrote an email asking for an explanation of how he had violated the content policies, but the response he received was vague and unspecific.

Amazon sells books about how to commit suicide, books by Marquis de Sade who presented all priests as rapists and murderers, and books by Hitler, but they refuse to sell books that help people voluntarily stop unwanted same-sex attraction

Joseph Nicolosi’s son, Joseph Nicolosi Jr., explained:

On Amazon, you can buy almost any book written throughout human history—from the Bible to Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” or even a book glorifying pedophilia. 

As of last week, however, you cannot get any of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Sr.’s books about leaving homosexuality—because Amazon just banned them all. 

Why has Amazon suddenly implemented this unjustifiable censorship? Apparently, Amazon caved to a campaign on Change.org asking for the censorship of these books.

In an attempt to restore the distribution of these books and help individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, we must implement a strong counter-campaign. 

Ideological censorship on the world’s largest online sales platform should not be accepted. 

I encourage you to sign this petition to send a message to Amazon and demand that they restore the distribution of these censored books!

Sign the petition here

Kind regards,
Ann Kioko and the entire CitizenGO team

Once you’ve signed a petition, please share it with your family, friends, and network, so that they also have the opportunity to sign if they wish. Thank you!

Amazon has censored several books dedicated to reversing unwanted same-sex attraction.

It is inconceivable that Amazon has censored these books for ideological and political reasons, yet they have chosen to maintain manuals on how to commit suicide, Nazi propaganda written by Hitler, and books supporting paedophilia.

The censored books are written by qualified professionals with years of experience in their field. They have helped many men and women heal unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction.

Please sign this petition asking Amazon to restore the distribution of these books.

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Date published: 07/08/2019
Article source: Supplied