Written by: Dr. Haruna Goroh
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I am not South African, but an ardent lover of South Africa. I have supported the fight to free South Africa from the cruel hands of apartheid. We rejoiced in 1994, when South Africa gained her independence. We were all proud to see her, rise above the oppressive rule of apartheid into freedom. I have travelled in and out of South Africa since 1995 till date. I have keenly observed the state of the nation and its people since her independence.

As Africans, we were hopeful that the sleeping giant, South Africa, would rise to lead the rest of Africa in bringing about true democracy and prosperity to our continent, that has suffered for centuries under the diabolic grip of colonialism. Being aware of the fact that, South Africa has had a first hand experience of what it means, and how it feels to be oppressed by a minority in your own land, and how to be treated as slaves in your own country. We thought that, self determination and rule will be completely different to what we saw during the time of apartheid. We waited to see this hope, of the rise of a new Rainbow Nation, where there will be freedom, peace, justice, and prosperity for all her people come to fruition. The longer we waited, the more we saw the nation being plunged into chaos and darkness.

The people were filled with hope, believing that the comrades, who sacrificed their lives to fight for their freedom, would do everything in their power to ensure that they served the people they fought for. They expected to see the rise of new leaders, whose vision and mission is to take the people to the Promised Land. They went out during every election cycle to vote for political parties and candidates, who promised them a better life. The more they waited to see the change, the more it appeared as if they will wait forever and in vain. Instead of experiencing peace and prosperity, the opposite was the result. This has led to a rise in crime, violence, suicide, and  other forms of social vices, thereby leading to moral depravity in the nation. Sadly, many of the elected representatives, have not kept their promises, but have continued to corruptly enrich themselves at the expense of the people. They have also looted the nation’s treasury while the people continue to live in penury.

It appears as if many of the nation’s citizens have given up hope of any change, as this hope has been slowly shattered through successive elections. This has resulted in voter apathy and frustration among the people. One wonders if the situation will change in this year’s elections. Is the situation irredeemable and irreversible, or is there something that can be done to prevent the total collapse of the system? This is a question in minds of many people. “Does voting really matter? Do politicians have the interest of the people at heart or their own interests? All these, are questions that need answers.

This year’s election can be a game changer, as to whether South Africa goes forward or spiral downward to a complete collapse. Since the votes of the people is what determines who governs, it is vital to ensure that the right people are elected into office. This should not only be at the national level, but at all levels, which should include provincial and local government levels. In a system where there is integrity, honesty, and equity, the votes of the people will count. Where this is case, the people who decide the type of leaders that are voted into office, are the electorate. But when this is not the case, rigging, vote buying, voter intimidation, oppression, suppression, and judicial corruption will be the case.

In this coming election, every South African illegible voter, can through his or voter’s card, decide the type of nation that he or she will live in from now on. It is important that every voter is not carried away or blinded by ethnic, tribal, or racial sentiments when voting. It is critical that citizens do not allow themselves to be manipulated, lured, or bought over by greedy, selfish, and corrupt politicians, who do not have their interests at heart. They must not sell their votes and their future, for peanuts, and mortgage their children’s destiny on the platform of current gratification.

Where you have so many political parties and candidates, you should be very smart in which party and candidate you vote for that will help take you out of your current pain, suffering, and misery. This is the time to vote men and women of integrity, instead of people who are corrupt and heartless. This is not the time to vote on the basis of party affiliation or allegiance, but rather vote for candidates that will live up to their promises. We need men and women who are God-fearing in positions of leadership to move the nation forward. The decadence that is now being experienced in South Africa, will only be stopped, when there is a change of leadership. This change must happen in the three arms of government, namely, the executive, legislative, and judiciary. When we miss it in any of these arms, it will affect every other aspect of government.

The church, being the moral compass and conscience for any nation, has a vital role to play in deciding the future of South Africa. The church played an active role in the fight against apartheid in the past. She cannot afford to take a back seat, fold her arms, and watch the nation go down to utter destruction. This is the time for every servant of God to come out and boldly speak on the issue of voting for men and women that will uphold their values and rights. This is not the time to sit on the fence, to seek for the king’s favor and to desire his corrupted delicacies. This is not the time for the clergy and the people of the collar to fold their hands and remain silent, while vocal ungodly people take over the nation.

The church cannot afford to play safe or be politically correct, while the nation is being destroyed. This is the time to stand with God fearing candidates who are standing for elections, to enable them to get voted into power. Doing so, will not only give the church a voice or a representation, but will help save this nation from becoming a failed state. Credible Christians like, Kenneth Meshoe of ACDP and Colleen Makhubele of SARA, stand for values that will move this nation forward, and deliver her from continuing in her current deplorable state. While taking the position of non partisanship, and allowing your people the right of choice, but you should not forget that you are their shepherd. The shepherd’s responsibility is to guide the flock to green pastures.

No true shepherd will expose his flock to lions and wolves, just because they don’t want to be seen as being partisan. Your attitude towards this elections will determine what you will have to deal with after the elections. Remember, that prevention is always better than cure. Why remain aloof, mute, and unconcerned now, only to call for prayers for God’s intervention, when things are messed up later? If there is a time to act, if there’s ever been a time to speak, it is now. Let your stand be known. Don’t forget that you are a servant of God, and you are answerable to Him and not to politicians. Don’t let them make you to feel inferior and non essential like they did during Covid. You were vocal during the fight against apartheid, you should even be more vocal now. South Africa is waiting for you to rise and let her enjoy the dividends of freedom. Why allow agents of the devil to be voted into power, and you wait to pray against them later. Prayer is not enough, you must mix your prayers with your actions (faith), which is of “correct voting.” Now is time the Time to take South Africa back from the evil hold of corrupt politicians.

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Date published: 28/05/2024
Feature image: Dr. Haruna Goroh, An African Patriot

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