Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

After months of frantic electioneering, the 7th Democratic General Elections is upon us. 30 years of democracy sure doesn’t look like it. The former liberation movement that morphed into a political party and elected to govern South Africa for the past three decades, tragically degenerated into a criminal enterprise driven by entitlement, power and greed.

On 29 May voters will be given the power to reject the wicked and corrupt at the polls and elect honest and competent men and women to govern the country. Significantly, citizens of voting age are granted this power once every five years. So, make your vote count!

Vote your values and value your vote. South Africa’s future stability and prosperity depends on our ability to choose wisely. The ANC has lost the right to govern. It has systematically degraded a nation with huge potential through rampant corruption & gross incompetence.

Family Policy Institute (FPI) depleted its operational budget on its Election Information Campaign which included “Election Alert” articles and videos boosted on social media platforms. These videos were also translated into other languages for targeted groups.

FPI’s videos were shared widely across SA. See Hate Crimes” video here. The signing of the NHI, BELA and GILAB Bills video can be viewed Here. It received 26, 000 views so far.

Family Policy Institute

FPI has much work to do after the General Elections. We are ready to mobilize citizens to oppose and defeat the “Single Marriage Bill” that seeks to redefine man, woman marriage in law. We are also working with our allies to stop the decriminalisation of the sex industry.

Depending on SA’s new government, FPI will immediately begin working towards repealing the NHI, BELA and GILAB Acts. We will also mobilize a mass movement to reject the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty. If Ramaphosa signs it, the newly elected president can rescind it.

Critically, FPI’s funding is at dangerously low levels. Three consecutive months of below budget income coupled with a costly Election Campaign means we don’t have much to continue our vital work – and don’t have any other source of income – just your support.

Please therefore consider making a tax-deductible donation to FPI of whatever amount. Every contribution, regardless of the amount helps us fight for your values where it matters most. Your support is critical because the assault on faith, family and freedom is relentless.

Woolworths rejected the valid concerns of Christian shoppers and launched their in-store “pride celebration” campaign on 27 May. Woolworths also observed the “international day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia” on 17 May but completely ignored the “International Day of Families” on 15 May revealing its pro-LGBTQ, anti-family agenda.

Christian shoppers must once again send out a clear message to Woolworths and other corporates, they will not tolerate its woke corporate social activism under the guise of “inclusive justice” to promote a harmful ideology that alienates the majority of citizens.

Whatever the outcome of the Elections on 29 May, God is sovereign and in control. Vote your values – value your vote. Pray and Act for change in South Africa. Please also make a generous donation to FPI today and help us amplify your voice in the corridors of power.

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Date published: 28/05/2024

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