Written by: Errol Naidoo
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The fourth instalment of the “State Capture” Report was delivered to President Cyril Ramaphosa on 29 April 2022. The Report focused on the staggering ANC corruption in the National Treasury, Eskom and the Free State housing and asbestos debacle that diverted hundreds of millions of tax-payer funds away from the poor and into Gupta linked accounts.

The Report also focusses on the dismal governance failures of the ANC including its blatant facilitation of the looting of billions of tax-payers funds to benefit the Gupta crime family.

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo all but confirmed what most citizens already know, the ANC is not fit to govern South Africa because it essentially degenerated into a criminal enterprise.

“Central to the Guptas’ scheme of state capture was President Zuma, who the Guptas must have identified at a very early stage as somebody whose character was such that they could use him against the people of SA, his own country and his own government to advance their own business interests and President Zuma readily opened the door for the Guptas to go into the SOEs and help themselves to the money and assets of the people of SA.”

ANC criminality continues under the Ramaphosa administration. The billions looted by senior ANC officials and their cronies from emergency funds allocated to combat the Covid-19 crisis reinforces perceptions the governing party has little sympathy for the poor and needy.

The Report also condemns the ANC policy of shifting implicated cadres to other positions rather than remove them. Heavily implicated cadres like Ace Magashule, Mosebenzi Zwane, Lynn Brown and several others are still being remunerated with public funds.

The governing party demonstrated its utter disdain for law-abiding citizens when it elected into senior positions, ANC cadres awaiting trial for fraud, corruption and even murder.

Former eThekwini Mayor and corruption and fraud accused, (newly elected) chairperson Zandile Gumede, treasurer Zoe Tshabalala, and newly elected double murder accused, ANC Mpumalanga treasurer Mandla Msibi remain in their positions until their cases are finalised.

The warning signs of the ANC’s demise is everywhere. President Ramaphosa was chased away when he attempted to address Cosatu’s ‘Workers Day’ rally in North West on 2 May.

Family Policy Institute

The ANC’s political malfeasance is glaringly evident in the “Electoral Amendment” process. The governing party is doing everything possible to cling to power. The current party system suits the ANC because party bosses control outcomes – not the electorate.

The process has been mired in controversy since the Constitutional Court ruled the Electoral Act unconstitutional on 11 June 2020 and instructed Parliament to correct it within 24 months to allow independent candidates to contest the General Elections alongside political parties.

Despite having two years to work on the amendment, the Home Affairs Portfolio Committee tabled a Bill in the National Assembly on 10 Jan 2022, giving Parliament only five months to finalise the Bill by 10 June 2022 – which includes a public participation process.

Now Parliament has written to the Constitutional Court requesting a six-month extension to finalise the “Electoral Amendment Bill” citing the “significance of the legislation and the right of citizens to meaningfully participate and share their views on the Electoral Amendment Bill.”

Earlier this year, Parliament hurriedly arranged a public participation sham process that was heavily criticised because the public was not adequately notified or accommodated.

The New Nation Movement, One South Africa Movement, Independent Candidate Association and many others believe the process is a shambles because Parliament deliberately wasted 18 months before tabling an unfair and unlawful Bill followed by a public participation process that was not only inadequate but also fundamentally flawed.

The Africa School of Governance is hosting an online panel discussion on “Electoral Reform for South Africa” on Tuesday 3 May 2022 at 18h00 – 19h00. If you want to understand this process better or wish to get involved please join the Zoom meeting at ID 257 – 277 – 3244.

Please pray for the individuals and groups working to establish a just electoral system for the people of South Africa. The process of Electoral Reform is critical for political renewal.

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Date published: 03/05/2022
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