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Apostle Mohlala Ministries’ “Judgment Night” was powerful event of worship, prayer and healing

Ellis Park Arena was filled to the brim as Apostle Mohlala Ministries held an all-night “Judgment Night” event, resounding with worship, prayer and healing, and described by many as evident of the power of the Holy Spirit.

One of South Africa’s most recognizable and pivotal prophetic voices, Apostle Musa Mohlala says the aim of “Judgment Night” was to “allow people to lay their problems in front of God in order to find the way to not only unburden themselves but also become free and joyful in the spirit.

“We all have moments when life seems to overwhelm us. When our problems appear immense and faith wavers on uncertainty. This is exactly the time when guidance is needed to grant us clarity on the road ahead and that is what the night achieved,” says Apostle Mohlala

In a deeply spiritual communion with God, the gathered crowds of guests lit candles to light their way in prayer, a beautiful and meaningful acknowledgment of Apostle Mohlala’s words.

“Sometimes we cannot see the answer to our prayers due to fear. But God has promised to strengthen us when we step out in faith – and that is true freedom and healing,” says Apostle Mohlala.

It was this very stepping out in faith that saw the deliverance of many issues brought forth by petitioners. Weighing heavily on many hearts were unemployment, jealousy amongst family members and financial problems. 

The event – a whole night service- formed part of a national “Judgment Night” tour with events also be held in Durban, Cape Town and other cities.

Apart from his Cape Town congregation, Apostle Mohlala Ministries also has additional member churches in Mossel Bay, Knysna, George and Port Elizabeth while Apostle Mohlala himself is also a regular presence on major church platforms nationwide.

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Date published: 04/09/2019

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